Window materials: a price comparison

That Alufenster are more expensive than plastic windows is relatively obvious. How big the price differences for comparable windows actually are, and what is most price-critical for windows, you can read in this post.

Guide values ​​for the price

If you compare an exactly the same window with different frame materials, the price differences between plastic windows, wooden windows and aluminum windows become clear.

For a 1.3 x 1.3 m window with triple heat protection glazing results

  • a wooden window frame a total price of around 560 EUR
  • an aluminum window a total price of around 780 EUR
  • a wood-aluminum window a total price of around 680 EUR
  • a plastic window, a total price of around 500 EUR

This comparison of an otherwise completely identical window with the same features makes the price differences clear.

Price components

Although the window frame material is also price-critical, the main price criterion for windows is the type and performance of the glazing. It defines the "basic price" of the window. For the price of glazing then come:

  • the price of the frame
  • the price for the installation
  • the price for transportation (not everywhere) as well
  • the price for any special equipment that you still wish for

The highest costs are incurred for the glazing. There is also the widest price range there. Between 15 and 70 EUR per m² can cost the glazing, special glazing is then often even more expensive.

The prices for transport and installation can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer. Here price comparisons are worthwhile in any case. Also, special offers and special discounts, the prices may fluctuate in some cases. Any possible subsidies should also be included in the total price.

Cost-benefit calculation in relation to the window materials

The plastic window in this case offer the best value for money is clearly evident. Alloy stars are often argued with the longer life - but the argument is not really cost-effective.


Official reference books credit all three types of windows with an average lifespan of 40 years - only aluminum windows can occasionally last a decade or two longer. Wooden windows have a fairly wide fluctuation range in terms of their service life.

For a cost-benefit calculation, the lifetime is therefore not a suitable starting point.

energy efficiency

The total energy efficiency of all windows in the comparison table is exactly the same. Nevertheless, the price difference between plastic windows and aluminum windows is enormously high. This price difference is not relativised by a higher energy saving or by a significantly longer service life.

It is only appearance, comfort and visual impact that lead to these price differences. That aluminum is more expensive and more complex to process than plastic, is the technical reason for the price difference. But that does not bring a higher benefit. This makes plastic windows the clear winner in the price-performance test of window materials.

If you want a more elegant look and higher quality materials, you have to dig deeper into the bag. Whereby there are also interesting design possibilities and quite pleasing designs for plastic windows. It's just not wood or aluminum.

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