Mount window

Renewing windows is as recent as it is rare. Legal requirements, rising energy prices and efficient thermal insulation technology dominate this trend. However, as an expert handyman you can save a lot of money by installing your windows yourself. For this reason, we will then provide you with detailed instructions for mounting your windows.

Before you assemble the new windows

However, before you can install the new windows, you must remove the old windows. Before that you should definitely take the dimensions for the new windows and order them as well. The application of standardized window sizes is not always a matter of course.

That's why this preparatory work is so important

But if you have already removed your windows, you will need the new elements as soon as possible. But if your window sash does not work according to standard sizes, this means different approaches.

  • Adjust the window height to standardized window sizes by reducing or enlarging them
  • custom-made windows, matching your own dimensions

However you decide, the fact is that both options are time consuming. So you should worry about the size of the windows before the window removal. But if the further procedure is clarified, you can mount your new window.

Step-by-step instructions for mounting a window

  • new window
  • compressed sealing tapes (for outside or inside)
  • alternatively PU foam
  • Compensation mounting wedges
  • frame screws
  • drilling machine
  • Stone and wood drills
  • spirit level
  • Meterstab
  • rubber hammer
  • hammer
  • if necessary work manager

1. Preparatory work

To be able to mount your window according to the RAL guidelines, you must first carry out the necessary preparatory work. This includes fine-grazing the lateral reveal as well as sealing the raised stop masonry.

2. The attachment of the sealing bands

The Kompribänder are very expensive. This is why many companies seal with PU foam, but then also use exterior plaster finishing strips that are impact-resistant. Inside a permeable film is plastered. Properly according to RAL, however, proceed with the compressed sealing tapes. On the outside, the impact-water-tight sealing tape is mounted, while the vapor-permeable sealing tape is mounted on the inside.

3. The setting of the window frame

When this work is complete, start setting the window frame. Position it exactly. Then use the spirit level to bring the individual sides into the water and fix the frame with the mounting wedges.

4. Fixing the window frame

Now the window frame is fastened with the screws. To do this, drill a distance of up to 10 cm from the corners, from one screw to the next you should (depending on the size of the window) maintain an average distance of 70 cm. For the screws after RAL mounting, no dowels are used because they form undesirable thermal bridges.

5. Sealing the window frame (mounting without compression sealing tapes)

Now, the gap between window frame and masonry is filled with PU foam.

6. Installation of the window

Finally, you can now insert the window exactly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions in the hinges or in the below in a corner anchor bearing. Then proceed step by step according to the enclosed instructions (which will vary depending on the type of window used).

Tips & Tricks

If installing new windows is too costly, you may be able to renovate your old windows. However, if you have decided to install new windows, you must either agree with the window manufacturer to take over the old windows or dispose of the old windows yourself.

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