Window prices - but please with installation!

Many buyers forget the installation by a reliable craftsman when comparing prices for the new windows. Even the small details, such as construction foam and other material add up, especially if several windows are to be installed.

Installation by a specialist in accordance with RAL

The current state of the art for the installation of windows is defined by the quality seal RAL. This ensures perfect sealing of the windows and ensures optimal insulation.

At the same time, professional window installation prevents the formation of condensation water. So mold and moisture can be prevented. The window installation according to RAL is not automatically included in an offer price for windows. As a buyer, however, you should pay attention when making an offer to get an RAL assembly.

Cost of installation

The cost of installing the windows should also include all auxiliary materials. Especially the construction foam can cause some additional costs for several large windows.

Removal of the old windows

The working hours, which are estimated for the installation, of course depend on whether old windows are to be removed. About one hour should be expected for each additional window, with a window replacement.

DIY store and Internet goods

Few craftsmen on site are ready to install windows from the Internet or the hardware store. This increases the prices additionally and should be taken into account. If the craftsman still agrees to it, get a fixed price.

Experience has shown that otherwise referred to during installation to the allegedly poor quality, which then allegedly delayed installation and expensive. The situation is similar with self-bought construction foam. Also the is not so much used by the professional. Therefore, the savings potential is limited here.

Example prices with Fensterbeinbau

The hourly rate of craftsmen varies regionally between about 40 and 60 euros plus VAT. In cities and conurbations, this rate is often slightly higher than in the flat country.

  • Window 1,00 x 1,00 meters, 1-wing turn / tilt 140,00 Euro - Installation 1 to 2 hours - 100 Euro - complete 240,00 Euro
  • Window 1,20 x 1,20 meters, 1-wing turning / tilting 180,00 Euro - installation about 2 hours - 100 Euro - complete 280,00 Euro
  • Window 1.40 x 1.40 meters, 1-wing rotating / tilting 220,00 Euro - Installation about 2 hours - 100 Euro - completely 320,00 Euro
  • Patio door 1.00 x 2.00 meters, 1-wing turn / tilt 380,00 Euro - Installation 2 to 3 hours - 150 Euro - complete 530,00 Euro

Tips & Tricks

If you want to have the windows replaced at an old house, you should agree on a fixed price. There are many obstacles and difficulties that can be extremely time consuming. If you then pay by hourly rate, the budget for window replacement can quickly get out of hand.

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