Professionally stain windows

Straight windows made of wood must be provided with a protective layer. However, these preservatives also degrade over time and must therefore be regularly renewed. For the first one or two renovations, it is enough to sand the old coat of paint. But at the latest after three to four old paintings they should be completely removed. This is done by pickling. Here we explain how and with what means you can pick off windows.

Windows are particularly stressed

In particular windows are massively exposed to the weather conditions. Moisture, strong temperature fluctuations and UV radiation add to the wood of the windows. The regular painting of wooden windows is therefore an absolute must. Usually, the old paint is only sanded to better adhere to the new protection. But if too many layers are crossed over time, they must be completely removed. Simply mechanically abrade is then no longer sufficient. Now you access to chemical agents.

Pick off the window or drain off

This is even mandatory if you mix solvent-based and water-soluble paints and glazes. The new paint then either dissolves or discolors in places unsightly. But with the grinding of the windows you can not get much further. Especially in corners and beads, it is very difficult to completely remove old coatings. Therefore, chemical processes are used here. You can drain or strip windows.

Various techniques for pickling

Strictly speaking, the leaching is a form of Abbeizens or is referred to as such. For this purpose, however, first the different stripping techniques have to be distinguished:

  • Pickling with alkaline agents
  • Pickling with acidic agents
  • Pickling with chemically neutral agents

Alkaline pickling or leaching

Alkaline pickling products are among the most aggressive. A typical alkaline pickle is caustic soda. Therefore, Ablaugen also describes aggressive stripping with alkalis. Binders contained in paints and paints saponify this. Since not all paints and paints contain saponifying binders, this technique can be applied to any product. Suitable for alkyd and Alkydharzlacke, oil paints, etc.

Remove windows with chemically neutral or acidic agents

Acrylic paints and emulsion paints, on the other hand, can also be removed by other means. Especially acidic solutions are often used. Most gentle are chemically neutral paint strippers. These contain neither CHC (chlorinated hydrocarbons) nor aromatic solvents. Although the pickling is so gentle and relatively unobjectionable for the health, but it may be that old paints do not solve very well.

The difficulty in picking wooden windows

In the case of alkalis, care must also be taken to ensure that they are compatible with glue with which the wood was glued. But the wood itself is crucial. Tannin-rich woods such as oak can discolour and must then be neutralized again, for example with acetic or citric acid.

Always follow the instructions for use when brushing your windows

Especially important is the concrete use of paint strippers. These must and can last for different periods of time. Especially with woods rich in tanning agents, the pickling must not remain on the window for too long. You must follow the instructions of the used Abbeize.

Tips & Tricks

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