Restore windows professionally

Windows can be found on almost every building. Due to their exposed position on the façade, windows are also exposed to massive external influences such as the weather. In addition there are regular mechanical loads. Therefore, windows require regular care and maintenance. But this also includes restoring the windows. What should be considered when restoring windows, can be found here.

Windows are exposed to massive influences and strains

First and foremost, windows are a protection against the different weather conditions. At the same time, windows are subject to varying degrees of stress due to various factors:

  • Temperature fluctuations and temperature differences (inside, outside)
  • Ice, snow and frost
  • massive wetness and moisturizing
  • UV radiation (wood, plastic)
  • Oxidation, corrosion (metal)
  • Pest infestation (wood)
  • mechanical stress (pressure by wind, by opening and closing)

Regular work (maintenance and renovation)

All this leads first to the fact that windows require a high level of maintenance. Because of these influencing factors, there is also the usual aging of the different materials. Regularly, you must paint wooden windows, renew window seals, readjust or oil windows.

With extensive restoration measures significantly extend the life

But over time, that's not enough. The average lifespan of windows is at least 15 years, but usually extends over 30 years and longer. As long as they serve their purpose, you do not have to replace the windows. However, you should always be more intensively maintained, namely renovated and restored. The scope of restoration of the windows depends largely on their material:

  • Wood
  • metal
  • plastic
  • Combinations of the above building materials

Restoration of windows

The windows themselves must be restored in different areas:

  • Connection window glass with window frame
  • the surface of the casements and window frames
  • grouted joints between window reveal and window frame
  • plastered or otherwise clad surfaces

Restoration from the glass to the wing...

For example, you must regularly renew the window putty, as it hardens due to oxidation and becomes porous. The protective coatings of windows (wood, metal and plastic alike) are also exposed to the weather conditions and need a repainting from time to time.

... and from the window frame to the windowsill

Then it may be necessary to first refit the windows or otherwise drain them. Thereafter, the surfaces of the windows may need to be troweled before they can be repainted or painted. But also renovating, painting or sealing the windowsill can be part of the renovation.

Tips & Tricks

Depending on which windows you have installed, the restoration work can be completely different. In the house journal we offer detailed instructions and useful guides for each of the mentioned and many other restorations.

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