Renew window putty

It is hard to believe, but especially the younger do-it-yourselfers will not know much about the care and maintenance of windows with window putty. But there are still such windows. So here's a guide to removing and installing window putty, which is how it can be renewed.

For centuries unchanged - window putty

Window putty is a material that in fact can no longer really be called "modern". After all, window putty has been used since the 17th century. There are modern synthetic, but also this original window putty of natural products. This consists of:

  • boiled linseed oil
  • whiting

The window putty must be kept airtight, since otherwise the same fate overtakes him as the already processed window putty in the window fold - it slowly dries out, becomes hard and brittle and literally crumbles.

Repairing or renewing window putty

Then it is necessary to mend the window putty. But in many cases it is better to completely renew the window putty. Because too dry, dried-up window putty also means that cold can now better penetrate through the windows into the house. Especially in times of high energy and heating costs can save money here.

Step-by-step guide to updating window putty

  • Window putty (based on linseed oil varnish and whiting or synthetic)
  • Leinhalböl
  • maybe some salad oil
  • possibly some ammonia
  • duct tape
  • Putty knife
  • spatula
  • possibly hot air blower or infrared heater

1. Preparatory work

a) Remove old window putty

Of course, before you can bring in the new putty, you must remove the old putty. You can use a spatula for this. However, you must work carefully as the window glass could break. If the window putty is too hard and brittle, warm it in advance, then it will be slightly more elastic again.

b) Clean and coat the window fold

After the old window putty is completely removed, you must remove all remains (putty particles, dirt and dust) completely. You can also use a water-ammonia mixture. The mixing ratio would be 1:10.

Let the window fold dry. Glue the glass and wood of the window frame. Then the inner area of ​​the window fold is coated with the linseed oil. If the wood absorbs much, apply the oil generously. Now you have to dry the oil properly, which can take several days.

2. Install the new window putty

Now you knead the new window putty and bring in the form of a long caterpillar. It must be thick or thin enough to fill the fold. The putty is now pressed into the fold with the putty knife. In the corners you "pull" the putty at a 45-degree angle from inside. Make sure that the window putty is pressed in evenly.

3. Theses

Now the window putty has to dry. Depending on the current weather conditions this can be a week to ten days. Only then can you also clean the windows and, if necessary, paint the window putty with an appropriate color. This also protects the new window putty from drying out too quickly.

Tips & Tricks

If the new window putty has already dried a bit, just mix some salad oil underneath. Then knead the window putty until it becomes smooth and easy to knead - similar to plasticine.

Synthetic window putty dries quickly and always attaches well. Nevertheless, competent and experienced craftsmen prefer the natural product window putty.

Video Board: Applying Window Putty QUICK & EASY