Window rebate ventilator - price and benefits

The task of the window rebate ventilator is to prevent mold and moisture problems in modern or refurbished buildings through controlled ventilation. This should be within the apartment but also to achieve a good cross-flow. What these practical little window rebate fans cost and what you should pay attention to, we show you here.

Ventilate independently of the weather

No matter what the weather outside, or if you are at home at all, the window rebate ventilator ensures through its volume flow control that the humidity is lowered. At higher wind speeds, the practical little instrument automatically closes the air supply. The result is never the feeling of passage, which many residents find unpleasant.

Installation of the window rebate fan

As the name suggests, the window rebate ventilator is installed directly in the window rebate. So the fan is not visible when the window is closed. The device works mechanically and reacts to the wind pressure changes of the building. Therefore, even a single Fensterfalzlüfter rather witzlos. There must always be some cross-ventilation within the apartment. Apartments, which only go to a rather wind-poor courtyard, hardly have a possibility with Fensterfalzlüftern to establish a functioning ventilation.

Even in already installed and older windows, the window rebate fan can be retrofitted. This usually requires the sealing rubber to be removed to some degree. If the fan is to be removed again, the seal must be completely retracted.

Prices of window folding fans

The cost of the fan is very limited. Cheap models cost from about 16 euros. There are even beginner's sets with three Fensterfalzlüftern for under 40 euros. From this point, offsetting the cost and benefits of the window rebate fan is not too difficult.

  • Single fan from 16 euros
  • Turn-lock for window rebate fan from 15 Euro
  • Set of three short fans about 40 euros

Tips & Tricks

Ask your window manufacturer what he thinks of a window folding fan for your window type. Often, seals in the window frame must be permanently damaged so that the rebate fan can be used. So it is not only a question of the purchase price for the window rebate fan, but also a question of the benefits of this measure.

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