Rebuild window

Windows are an integral part of buildings. But like the other components of a house they are subject to aging. Thus, for many homeowners for various reasons, the rebuilding of the windows is a big topic. The following guide will show you what has to be rebuilt and converted in the window and what is worth knowing.

The complex tasks of windows

A house without a window is almost unimaginable. The windows even have several tasks:

  • Light can come into the room behind it
  • People can look out of or into the house
  • Protection against the weather
  • Insulation protection (heat, sound)
  • architectural style element

New tasks are added

So before you rebuild your house, you must be aware of all the tasks that your windows have to fulfill. However, you should bear in mind that more tasks and requirements can be added. For example, burglary protection plays an increasingly important role. Part of the protection against burglars is even the driving motivation to rebuild windows.

In addition, the stylistic aspects also play a role that should not be underestimated. After all, the architecture is fully exposed to the trends of its time. So of course the windows. In addition there are the architectural features of certain epochs or decades. Wide window frames with little glass surface would be worth mentioning.

Often it is sufficient to convert a window only

In many cases, you do not have to change the window itself. Because the window frames have become considerably narrower today, the glass surfaces that you can install are considerably larger. Exactly in this direction are the current trends: more light should fall into the house. An extremely important point, why the windows are to be rebuilt, represent the energetic requirements.

Sometimes homeowners are even forced to renovate or renovate their windows under certain conditions. Not always, however, the entire window must be replaced. If you do not want to enlarge your window, it is often sufficient to only replace the window itself, ie the glass body.

Only retool the glass

In modern windows, the multiple glazing is enclosed and sealed with a metal frame. Either noble gas is filled in between the individual glass panes or a vacuum is created. These window bodies can then be easily renewed without having to remove the window completely.

Tips & Tricks

But it gets a bit more problematic if you want to increase windows considerably. If the area becomes too large, often only the coupling of the windows helps. In addition, it may also be that homeowners want to have a window where none was before. Under "Window walls" you will receive further information.

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