Remove window strips

Windows can be found in every building. However, how the windows were glazed and which materials were used depends, among other things, on the age of the windows. In modern windows, there is a window bar here. Also, as it looks under the window bar, may again be completely different. Here we show you how to remove window strips and what to pay attention to.

Structure of a conventional window

The construction of modern windows is quite simple in itself. Because, in principle, each window consists of individual parts that can be easily exchanged. Here are the key components of a window:

  • Wing (frame)
  • on the outside of the wing, the hinges and fittings (locking pins)
  • used double or triple glazing as a module
  • Window molding or glazing bead as cover between window sash and glass

The glass module

The window glass is either double or triple. The individual panes are edged and sealed in a metal frame. Between the glass panes is either a vacuum, but more often a filling with inert gas. This module can be easily inserted into the window sash.

The sealing of the glass module

Outside, the window glass is usually sealed with a sealing joint to the wing. Inside, however, a glass or window molding is used in modern windows. Depending on the structure and age of the window, deviations may occur here. In older windows, a flat window molding can be glued on, including a sealing joint as on the outside.

There are even windows where the window bar is completely missing. Then only the silicone seal is visible. Some of the window ledges are also screwed, but rather rare. The screws can be covered with flat caps. You must therefore pay particular attention to plastic cover strips on such caps for the screws.

In modern windows window strips are mounted inside

Conventional glazing beads are only clamped or clipped. The window sills themselves are plastic windows for plastic windows and wood windows for wooden windows. Especially with the windows of plastic front doors, the glazing beads can only be glued (with an adhesive tape).

Professionally remove the window strip

Using a standard paper cutter knife (Cutter or Stanley knife) prick under the bar and then pull the knife over the entire length of the bar. Now you should be able to lift the bar. Attention! The sill is often revolving in doors! So you have to loosen the bar all the way around first.

Remove mated glazing beads

In ordinary windows, the strips are usually plugged. Glaziers use a special tool to prick under the bar. If this tool is missing, it is often recommended to use an ordinary spatula instead. These are usually very soft and flexible. Choose a spatula with a very short blade.

In order to remove the window strip undamaged, now carefully prick under the strip and pry soulfully upwards. If necessary, you must pry the strip from the outside inwards at several points in order to be able to lift it completely outside. Take your time. The glass strip can break very quickly. And not every window has a replacement.

Be careful - the glass may break and much more likely the strip to be removed

In the heat of the moment when removing the window bar one or the other do-it-yourselfer may even end up breaking the window glass. So you really have to work with a lot of feeling.

Tips & Tricks

If you have removed the window bar, you can also check the blocking of the window. What many do-it-yourselfers do not know: a bad-closing window does not necessarily mean that you have to set the window. It may also indicate that the blockage has shifted. See "Aligning windows" to learn how to check the blockage. You can get more information about this topic under "Window block".

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