Remove window completely

The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) was tightened in 2008 in such a way that facades must be thermally insulated more and more efficiently. This makes the EnEV the most common reason to renew the windows. But before inserting the new insulating window comes first the removal of the old window. The following instructions for removing a window can of course be used for all other reasons for window removal.

Each facade only as well insulated as the windows

The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) is by far the most important reason why windows have to be replaced in recent years. Even the installation of an effective thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) on the façade can only be as efficient as the windows on this house wall are tight and thermally insulated.

The removal of the windows may lead to the prescribed facade insulation

On the other hand, you may have thought about energy savings yourself and want to renew your windows without ETICS for the facade. Here you should look very closely at the legal requirements for your individual case. Under certain circumstances, swapping the windows can mean that an ETICS must also be installed.

Match new windows and ETICS before building the windows!

However, the new insulating glass windows and the ETICS must match. So if you have to insulate the façade due to the window replacement in the following months, you should take into account when choosing the windows that they can be optimally connected to the ETICS. Otherwise, thermal bridges can arise and your thermal insulation is not efficient. Preferably, you should therefore also bring a neutral energy consultant into the house, who will inform you in detail.

Compare window dimensions with standard dimensions before removal!

In addition, you should buy the new window before the window removal, so you can work through quickly. To do this, you first have to perform various measurements.

  • Measure the window niche from top to bottom right, center and left
  • Measure the window niche across (from one to the opposite soffit) at the bottom, center and top

The three measuring points are even more important in Altenbauten, because it can rarely be assumed that the window niches are exactly the right size. Especially with old and existing buildings, it is particularly important to take the measurements in advance and to have the windows accordingly before the removal of the old windows. Because modern windows usually have standardized dimensions. Houses were partly built but until the 1990s with Fensterischenmaßen, as they were needed individually.

Remove window and dispose of it

The window frames are in most cases made of wood or wood and plastic, more rarely metal. You must take this into account when choosing required tools. Please note that dispose of the old windows is also subject to certain requirements.

Remove step-by-step instructions for the window

  • Foils for covering the window openings
  • duct tape
  • if necessary the new windows
  • screwdriver
  • nose pliers
  • side cutter
  • Wasserpumpenzange
  • hammer
  • different punches
  • foxtail
  • with metal frame an iron saw
  • Angle grinder with cutting discs (usually stone, wall anchors need to be cut, for metal)
  • alternatively wall milling
  • pry
  • foremen

1. Preparatory work

First, measure the window niche and get the new windows before removing the old windows. Especially with old buildings - if you do not want to change the window size - you have to have windows custom made, which takes time

2. Remove the sash

a) windows not secured with a pin or sap

Most of the windows used today are tilt and turn windows. For some models, you can largely loosen the window by tilting it first. Then, in the tilted state, slowly pull the window towards you until the window latch can be switched over in the direction of "window as usual".

Now the window should only sit at the top of the metal catcher and at the bottom in a corner in the anchor storage. If you remove the safety strap at the top, you can lift the tilted and turned window upwards out of the bearing. For this you should have an assistant by your side.

b) Window secured with pin or split pin (scissor bearing)

For other windows you have to open the window sideways, so swing up. There is a plastic cover on the top hinge, which you can remove with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. Now you should either see a pin or sapwood at the top or bottom of the fishing rod, which you can pull out.

You may need to knock it out with the punch if it can not be removed with pliers only. Preferably, a helper holds the window with you so it does not break out. At the top you can now attach a metal catching strap (folded), which you must remove. Then the window is lifted out of the lower bearing.

3. Remove the window frame

You may see the screws to the anchor clamps laterally in the frame and you can now unscrew with the appropriate tool. Otherwise you will have to cut out the window frame. Cut the corners at a 45-degree angle with the saw or angle grinder.

In the middle, cut out of each frame piece a V-shaped piece (V-shaped, so that the frame can not tilt). Now slide the tire below and pry the frame parts away from the window niche. In rare cases, you may be able to loosen the frame only by cutting along the frame with a masonry cutter.

In most cases, it should also go without this brute tool. If you have to use such a milling machine, be careful not to cut the masonry. Also consider metal anchor cleats, which you should cut through with the metal cutting disc on the angle grinder.

4. Finishing and preparation work before installing new windows

If you do not continue working immediately, you will need to seal the windows with plastic wrap. You may need to mend and fill the masonry. Consider the necessary drying time before you can install the new windows.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to install your new windows according to the RAL standard, it is advisable to level the soffit perfectly smoothly. Consider the additional time needed to cure before installing the new windows. You will also receive information and tips in articles such as windows or Fenstermit.Das offer you many more informative posts and instructions. So also to the window plaster.

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