Window Repair - Instructions

The window repair is often equated simply with a renovation. But in the meantime these two ways have basically separated. In particular, the monument protection often requires a proper repair of the windows instead of a simple renewal. What actually belongs to a window repair is right here in the manual.

Repair a window step by step

  • putty
  • glue
  • Paint Stripper
  • paint
  • window nails
  • possibly wood
  • partly glass
  • scraper
  • delta sanders
  • abrasive paper
  • chisel
  • saw
  • miter

1. Disassemble the window

To protect a historically valuable window for many years, you must first destroy it. Carefully, the window is taken apart. First, the discs must be carefully removed. These sit with glazing beads and putty often very tight in the frame.

2. Remove paint and putty

After the glass panes are safe, the frame can be exposed. All layers of paint and the complete kite residue must be down. Maybe the frame is falling apart, that's not bad.

3. Replace defective parts

Not every piece of wood lasts for 100 years. Therefore, it may be that individual parts of the frame become crumbly and need to be replaced. Take out the appropriate part and rebuild it from the same type of wood. If you do not know which wood your window is made of, use oak as it can withstand more than pine or spruce, for example.

4. Glazing and kiting

If the frame is colorless and intact, you can replace the old discs. Defective windows can be recut by the glazier. Maybe he even has old discs that fit perfectly to your old discs due to small errors and inclusions.

5. Swipe

First glue off the panes that you have replaced before starting to paint the frame. In the first step, apply only very little color very thinly. When this varnish has dried, only the right paint comes. You may have to polish the paint again in between and even apply it a third time.

Tips & Tricks

If you need to preserve the appearance of the windows for conservation reasons, you should check whether it is even possible to repair the windows instead of replacing them. This measure is more appropriate for the preservation of monuments and with an inside superior box window and the heating costs are reduced.

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