Replace window

Windows should be installed as long as possible. But at some point comes for each window the day on which it must be replaced. However, replacing a window requires you to consider and reconcile many aspects. We show you here what to replace when replacing windows and how to proceed when replacing.

For 30 years, the house planning is usually created

First of all, residential buildings such as single-family homes are being built for the time the builder expects to live there. Of course, houses should last much longer, but planning ahead can not go so far. Therefore, it is usually planned to a maximum of 30 years in advance.

How long this period is, is currently shown by the fact, if you compare a conventional insulating window from the 1980s with a modern heat-insulating window. There are worlds in between:

  • until the 1950s single glazing
  • from the 1950s double glazing with double wings
  • since the 1970s insulated windows
  • since the 1990s closed thermal windows
  • for several years highly efficient heat-insulating windows, which insulate like a facade

But not only the windows themselves have evolved. Also the house construction and the window installation changed considerably.

There are massive changes during this time

In particular, the energy requirements have increased immensely. If a modern heat-insulating window is installed today, the installation guidelines for window and door installation according to RAL are also significantly different. The window installation is completely gas-airtight.

Not every window is equally suitable for every building

This is also intentional, because the complete house ventilation works in a modern house completely different than before. The usual cold roof until a few years ago was replaced by the equally dense warm roof. The classic black basement bath was replaced by the white, tight basement bath. However, houses are still being built in the traditional way. Time could currently be called a time of upheaval.

But how to replace which windows depends extremely strongly on these conditions. In an existing building, you can not necessarily install state-of-the-art heat-insulating windows without changing the house ventilation accordingly. With houses constructed according to the latest building standards, craftsmen can no longer use the old installation guidelines as usual.

Replace windows in combination with a ETICS

Not to forget that in old and existing buildings often the facade should be insulated. In other words, the thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) and the windows to be replaced must be perfectly matched. If you only want a window or retrofit, you can easily replace the window. If this happens for energy reasons, you must ensure that the window frame is also sealed accordingly.

Expert advice urgently advised

In most cases, it makes sense to consult an expert. Energy consultants even get them partially replaced by the state if energy measures are to be implemented. In addition, the state also subsidizes numerous energy-related construction projects such as the insulation of the windows.

Tips & Tricks

In the house journal you will find all the guides and articles you need to professionally renew your windows. This will give you a guidebook "Planning a window correctly - what is important?" As well as basic guides for planning a window. Incidentally, due to the current developments in window planning, you should not miss out on burglar protection. Remember, however, that the best protection is only ever as good as the weakest link in the chain.

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