Replace window handle - quick change

No matter if you do not like the old window handle from the optics, if the handle is damaged or if you want to install a lockable window handle, the change is not very difficult and you only need a few minutes. Here we show you step by step how to change the window handle.

Change the window handle step by step

  • window handle
  • Spray oil / WD40
  • screwdriver
  • Cuttermesser

1. Release the panel

First you have to set the handle horizontally to get at the screws that connect the handle to the window. Then you can simply turn the bezel, which sits over the screws, usually just. Some jewelry trims may be glued. Then you have to solve these carefully with a craft knife.

2. Unscrew screws and pull off handle

As easy as it sounds to unscrew two screws, it can happen that these screws are particularly tight. If necessary, spray a little oil on the screws so you do not ruin the screw head. If you have to drill the screw first, you have a considerable amount of work.

When the screws are unscrewed, you can easily pull off the handle. Thoroughly clean the area where the grip panel has been placed. Mostly the new handle does not have the same shape of the holder.

3. Attach new window handle

The new window handle must first be set to the same position that the old one had when being removed. Then the square is inserted into the window frame. If you like, you can even reuse the old screws. For most handles but also new screws are there. These should be tightened so that the handle has no play. Now only the new panel has to be closed again and the new window handle is ready for use.

Tips & Tricks

Especially on the ground floor you should set in an exchange equal to lockable window handles. These are barely more expensive than conventional window handles, but ensure a significantly increased security against burglars. Although they can overcome a lockable handle, it usually takes them too long and is too laborious. Therefore, burglars will usually seek a more accessible object.

Video Board: How to change a uPVC Window Handle