Windows: determine the necessary protection class

Window protection classes are standardized. Which protection class should be used in which areas, and which criteria are decisive, is revealed in this article. In addition, at which threat which protection class is required.

Protection classes at a glance

The protection classes or resistance classes for windows are standardized. On the one hand, the applicable standard series are DIN EN 1627 to 1630. On the other hand, DIN EN 356, which contains the applicable standard regulations for glazing, also applies.

For the protection classes defined in DIN EN 1627 (RC 1 - RC 6), glazing according to DIN EN 356 is included and mandatory.

But if you need more protection in the glazing, you can either use a higher protection class, or choose an additional protection for the glazing.

Another option is offered by so-called security protective films. In addition, you can of course also secure the windows with shutters or install window grilles.

Selection of the protection class according to the threat profile

Depending on the extent to which your own home is a worthwhile destination for burglaries, you should try to estimate the risk. A good possibility is also offered by the perpetrator profiles associated with the protection classes.

If you are afraid to offer a worthwhile goal for a professional burglar or a professional burglar, you have to resort to a security class that deters such perpetrators long enough. As a rule, you have to stop a culprit for at least 10 - 15 minutes.

Selection according to the location of the house

The period of time will be extended accordingly if the house is in secluded or poorly visible location. This gives the offender more time. The security class has to be higher accordingly.

This "location disadvantage" can also apply to individual positions in the house. For example, for windows that go out into the garden in a secluded area, or for patio doors with poorly visible terraces.

Deposited layers may also allow an offender to use a professional tool or power tool. If he does not have to worry about being heard, it also gives the offender extra opportunities.

window location

Windows upstairs generally do not need to be secured as well. If the burglar has no way to reach the window through a garage roof or similar, he must use a ladder. This restricts the chances he has to break up the window and greatly increases the time for the offender.

At least protection class RC 2 should also be used in the upper floor in any case. Windows that are easily accessible to the offender, and in the vicinity of which a stable floor space is located, should in any case be considered as ground floor windows.

complete backup

The security classes apply to

  • window
  • French doors (for example a patio door)
  • Doors and
  • shutters

Every single door, French window and every single shutter should also have the required degree of protection.

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