Retrofit windows

The burglary statistics speak a clear language. Accordingly, there has been a significant increase in burglaries and attempted burglary in homes and apartments in recent years. The most common tests are planned on the weakest façade component in most cases - the window. Below you will find information and tips on how to retrofit your windows efficiently against burglars.

On average, every four minutes a house burglary

The burglary figures in Germany are alarming. Around 150,000 burglaries are carried out annually in Germany. In addition there are the failed burglary attempts. That means an average break in about every four minutes. The amount of damage has already climbed to a new record high of almost half a billion euros in 2012.

Burglars are getting brazen

But even more frightening details reveal the numbers: it has long been not only the holiday and winter times and the protective night, the burglars motivated. More than 60 percent of burglaries are registered in broad daylight. Particularly bad: Even robberies, ie burglaries, when the inhabitants are at home, frighten fewer and fewer gangs.

Do not expect a minimum of security for the new building!

Since there are no building regulations in Germany for new buildings to take into account a minimum level of safety standards for doors and windows, many burglars still have an extremely easy job of forcibly penetrating through a window. But you should not just look at the financial damage caused by a break-in.

Burglaries often have long lasting consequences

Even if the thieves can not make a prey, a burglary for years can have significant consequences. Many victims of burglary then do not complain about the financial loss. But the fact that strange, unwanted people in the most intimate and private area have even rummaged and rummaged. The traumatic consequences are therefore difficult to estimate.

A good opportunity to retrofit your windows

Especially since 2008, there are very good reasons why you should approach the retrofitting of security windows. Not only that, the energy costs have increased dramatically since that year (and even before that). In 2008, an amendment to the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) was passed, which forces many homeowners to heat their homes and thus also the windows.

Combine thermal insulation with safety retrofit

However, this compulsion exists only under certain conditions, for example not if you have been living in your home for a defined period of time. However, if you want to renew your windows in order to achieve thermal insulation gains, consideration of safety standards is also an option. Under what conditions you should swap your windows for better thermal insulation values, see the link in this sentence.

Only retrofit security components for windows

But it is not always worth exchanging the old ones for new windows. In particular, if the thermal insulation values ​​are still sufficient in comparison to state-of-the-art heat-insulating windows and the economic outlay would clearly exceed the savings. But then you still have the option of retrofitting your windows differently in terms of safety.

  • Retrofit window mechanism (interlocking, fittings) with safety standards
  • install certified burglar-resistant window films
  • Retrofitting shutters with higher resistance classes
  • Window lattice

Retrofit window mechanism with safety standards

Mushroom locking cams

One of the most efficient retrofit options is replacing the locking pins. Not only the existing, conventional locking pins can be exchanged for special mushroom pins. You can also retrofit additional locking pins with mushroom heads on each of the four window sides in many window designs.

Additional locks and locks

For basement windows, additional lock fittings are available. These cover both wings in two-leaf windows, but can also be mounted from wing to window frame and soffit. However, they are not very attractive, which is why the retrofitting is more suitable for basement and skylight.

Retrofit security fittings

Then you can replace the conventional fittings like handles with lockable handles. The function is not restricted further. But you can lock the handle in different positions so that it can not be twisted anymore.

Retrofit safety foils for windows

Even the glass surfaces can protect you better afterwards. The specialist trade offers security foils which have a puncture-resistant effect. In order to ensure the appropriate properties, you must make sure that they are foils according to DIN EN 356. Take into account the different classifications of puncture- to penetration-resistant. The assembly instructions must also be followed exactly, so that the protective effect can be exploited to the maximum.

Retrofitting shutters with higher resistance classes

Even buildings for which no blinds were planned, you can retrofit with blinds. Like windows, these components can also be selected according to security requirements. For existing roller blinds, changing the lamellar armor or retrofitting the roller shutter motor can be very efficient towards electric blinds. The engine brakes the roller shutter and makes it immobile, so that it can not be pushed up.

Window lattice

It is not to the taste of every home or apartment owner. The retrofitting of a window grille, which also follows the prescribed safety standards, is extremely efficient - especially in the ground floor area. In addition, it is also inexpensive. The latticing of basement windows and the corresponding securing of light wells for basements must not be neglected.

Do not forget anything when retrofitting!

When upgrading security components on your windows, you really should not neglect anything.

  • basement windows
  • external cellar access
  • Skylights and hatches
  • skylights
  • Doors and windows in the upper floors
  • additional security of windows and doors on balconies or window sills and parapets on which one can stand comfortably
  • Side entrances of buildings

Because one principle you should always internalize: the entire protection of an object is always only as good as efficient the most vulnerable link. What would be the use of security windows and a first-class front door if the side entrance is completely unsecured?

Tips & Tricks

The police advises landowners individually on security issues. An appointment will be arranged on-site and the officials will show you specific safety issues. Often, you will also receive detailed brochures on how to efficiently retrofit doors and windows. When consulting private companies, be aware that they are also interested in selling their own products. An objective advice can therefore be limited to your disadvantage!

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