Disguise window reveal - does that make sense?

Sometimes the question arises as to whether the window reveals can not be easily disguised, for example with GK panels. Whether this makes sense, and when and where this can lead to problems, clarifies the following guide in detail.

Problems with disguising soffits

If soffits are plastered with GK panels instead of being plastered, there are several problems.

Fill out bumps

Window reveals must be completely sealed. Even when plastering care must be taken to ensure that the plaster ensures full air leakage. This also has an effect on the plastering technique, which must be applied.

The bumps between masonry and GK plate would therefore be filled completely tight. This is not possible with most materials, even when gluing.

Joint-free installation

Naturally, what applies to insulation boards also applies to cladding with GK boards: the lining must be completely joint-free and guided to the frame. With GK panels, this is not 100% possible.

Lack of insulating effect, lack of moisture resistance

GK boards are not moisture resistant. Even small amounts of penetrating moisture in a cladding so a problem and would attack the plates. In addition, the moisture could not escape.

In many buildings, which are insulated on the outside, the window reveals have to be insulated anyway in order to avoid the formation of a thermal bridge. It does not make sense to use GK panels under or above reveal panels. In addition, this would build up building up to 70 mm.

The moisture resistance would be given in calcium silicate plates, or for example in Heraclith plates. However, the problem of the lack of tight air seal and the lack of joint freedom remains with these types of plates.

They could at most be applied to the plaster, but this would make disguising superfluous.


For plastering the window reveal, there is virtually no alternative. It is the simplest and safest method. If even the trowel is executed, so the tightness of the window installation can be gesergesetellt sufficient.

For plastering the soffits, there is virtually no alternative.

Tips & Tricks

Before a plastering of the window reveals is tackled, in any case, attention should be paid to a sufficient tightness of all joints and a seal between the window frame and masonry. Sealing, plastering and insulation should always be carried out by specialized companies. Even the smallest mistakes can cause serious damage here.

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