Window reveal with smooth line

Before the windows are installed, the masonry should be provided with a so-called smooth line. Basically, this is a simple use of coarse stones. It must be made a smooth surface, so that later the window sealing tape is mounted on a closed ground. If mistakes are made here, it will later be moved around the window frame.

Which plaster for the smooth line?

First and foremost, the smooth coat must be made of a water-repellent plaster. A façade light plaster is therefore ideal. Most of the finished compounds contain the following substances for this purpose:

  • cement
  • lime
  • fine sand
  • mineral lightweight aggregate
  • special fibers (if possible no polystyrene)
  • organic light surcharge

When it has to be fast

On a construction site, there are often scheduling bottlenecks and scheduling delays. While the craftsmen appear to be late for a particular trade, others may arrive too early with their building materials. Just by such shifts often creates botch, which can not be fixed later.

If, for example, the holes in the stone around the window are not plastered with a smooth finish, it will later be tightened here and moisture could cause mold. Therefore, many builders then use a quick way to plaster even before installing the window smooth line in the window pane.

Tile adhesive instead of light mortar

If normal tile adhesive is used instead of light mortar for smoothing, the window can be installed just a few hours later. The wall connection of the window can be made so error-free and clean. The tile adhesive is usually slightly more expensive than the light mortar, but if the window maker has to come back again because the previous trades are in default, this causes even higher costs.

Close structures

Particularly coarse textured perforated stones literally devour the smooth plaster. Since it is not at all desirable to completely fill the holes in the stone, in these cases, a plastic fabric should be plastered with. Thus, the holes in the stones as desired, closed but not completely filled.

Tips & Tricks

You should try to keep the deadlines on your construction site under control. If you yourself do not have the time to deal with the construction and timing of your job, you should hire an independent construction supervisor or engineer. The costs will be saved again in the end.

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