Replace window seals in parts

Sometimes only individual corners or parts of the window seals are damaged. Not always then must be a complete renewal. When carefully replacing and bonding the defective sections, the tightness and insulation is completely restored.

Restore endless tape

Window seals usually consist of a continuous circumferential profile strip. If sections are to be replaced, continuity must be restored by gluing the strips. Any break in the window seal is a potential weak spot and can massively affect the effect of the residual seal. The adhesive may only join the profile tape together and not run into the mounting grooves.

Unlike the complete replacement of the window seals must be partially worked. With a sharp knife or cutter, the defective piece must be separated from the remaining tape with clean cuts. The cut out individual pieces can be levered out with a spatula without moving the remaining tape out of the joint. Prerequisite for a successful replacement is the fitting accuracy of the replacement profile pieces.

How to replace window seals

  • Rubber or silicone glue
  • Sharp knife or cutter
  • spatula
  • Possibly dusty
  • Eventually wiping cloths
  • Eventually hair dryer

1. Remove damaged pieces

In addition to damaged areas such as porous rubber, mold spores or cracked rubber lips, make cuts on both sides. Pay attention to the minimum distance of one centimeter to start the damage.

2. Levering out the cuts

Insert a lever under the profile with a screwdriver or small spatula. With a slight push, lift out only the part of the window seal cut on both sides.

3. Clean the grooves and folds

If there are residues of the sealing tape in the exposed grooves or folds, wipe or vacuum out the residues.

4. Cut spare parts

Measure the length of the piece to be replaced precisely to the millimeter and cut the new window seal with an addition of one millimeter. At corner pieces you have to admit three to five millimeters.

5. Apply glue

Spread the adhesive on both sides of the cut according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is best to use an adhesive that has to dry before it is applied and that easily dissolves the sealing material.

6. Insert replacement piece

Insert the profile piece into the groove or rebate and press the splices together with a sliding thumb movement.

Tips & Tricks

If you slightly heat the profile pieces before inserting them with a hair dryer, most materials are more flexible and easier to place.

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