Renew window seals

Window seals are subjected to heavy wear and tear every day and, in addition to flexible adaptation and shaping, they have to withstand large temperature fluctuations and moisture and moisture over and over again. Brittleness and brittleness are the consequences that make regular renewal necessary.

Types of gaskets on the window

There are several types of seal types on a window. The sash and center seals are located directly wing body and ensure the tightness to the window frame. Window lip and flashover seals usually provide protection on the window frame or the transition to the windowsill. The glazing gaskets hold the pane of glass in the frame groove and are designed for maximum longevity. Except for the glass, all seals are inserted profiles, which are not glued but mechanically inserted.

The regular renewal of window seals most often affects the sash and center seals. Their lifespan can be significantly extended by regular and thorough care. Normally, the window seals should be replaced at least every five years. For visible material embrittlement, a draft test should be made with a burning candle.

Renew window seals in the sash rebates

  • Sealing profiles for center and circumferential fold
  • Care products for window seals
  • Gehrungszange
  • Putty knife or other flat lever tool
  • Support table or mounting blocks
  • screwdriver

1st wing extension

You must first remove the complete window sash. To do this, set the opening mechanism to fully open. Then you have to unhook the folding stirrup at the top of the wing. For some windows, a locking screw must be loosened.

2. Labor storage

Lay the sash horizontally on two mounting brackets. For a continuous table or work surface, think of the protruding window handles. Protect the window casement by placing a blanket or other textile scratch protection.

3. Remove old seals

Pull off the old window seals from the corners with slow and even force application. For brittle or porous parts, carefully pry the remains out of the profile groove with a spatula.

4. Clean grooves

After removing all window seals at the outside and center fold, wipe the empty grooves to get a damp mist. After drying, apply a sealant according to the manufacturer's instructions. This makes it easier to attach the new seals.

5. Starting point of the impressions

Insert the end of the gasket for the sash rebate in the middle of the upper groove and push the window gasket into the groove one finger at a time for a finger's width in the direction of the corner.

6. Corners are included

When you arrive at the corner of the window with the sealing tape in place, add about five to six millimeters of length tolerance and punch a triangular miter cut into the sealing tape. First set the miter to 45 degrees.

7. Pull around the corners

Pull the window seal around the corners with a slight force and continue to push the sealing tape into the groove piece by piece.

8. Graduation

When you hit the starting point of your sealing tape, cut off the end of the tape and push it across to the opposite end.

Tips & Tricks

Gluing the ends of the window sealing tape increases the tightness and durability of the new seal.

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