Send a window

Moving and sending windows is tricky. In this guide, we give you tips on how you can transport and even send windows without taking a big risk for the window glass.

The properties of glass plates

Surely you have ever seen a transporter of a glazier's shop. It is immediately noticeable that the glass panes are always transported standing there. Why this is so, you can understand in a simple test. Take an old window as large as possible with a friend and hold it flat like a plate.

Then shake the window. You will clearly see how the glass pane swings up and down in the window frame. For a standing glass panel, the weight is dissipated over the lower part of the glass. In a flat-lying disc, however, "pushes" the whole disc down. This increases the risk that the disc will swing to its limit and eventually rupture.

Send or transport windows flat

If you want to ship or transport a window lying flat, you have to cushion the underside. Foam or old clothes are suitable to fill them between the ground and the window. Not so much stuffed into the gap that the material is too compact and thus hard. Rather, it should cushion the swing significantly. Sending a flat-laid window is not recommended. That's the way other packages and maybe even pallets are put on your window.

The stationary transport of windows

Optimal is but from home a stationary transport. For this purpose, it is advisable to wrap the window in a makeshift frame made of wooden slats. Between slats and windows refill with foam or old textiles. To prevent the material from slipping, cover it with cardboard.

Nail or screw on the bottom side crossbars on which the entire makeshift frame can stand well. When sending, you should use a pallet anyway. So the "feet" can be as big as the palette. In addition, you then tighten strong ropes and fasten them to the outer sides of the pallet, almost like in the shape of a triangle or a tent.

Mark sufficiently with warnings

Now it is almost impossible that the window can happen during transport. In addition, you can pack the window but still in bubble wrap and cardboard. On the outside there are large warning stickers on the packaging with the signs for the top and "Caution Glass".

Tips & Tricks

Some freight forwarders refuse private persons the transport of glass and thus of windows. Take a look at the terms and conditions to see if that is really the case. If not, you do not have to mention explicitly that you are shipping glass. If there are still difficulties, just ask a local glazier if he would arrange a shipping order for you.

In addition, there are some platforms on the Internet where you can enter a transport order to receive offers from different companies. Here you can also mention that these are windows. Mention then but also the proper and professional packaging of the windows for shipping.

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