Cutting a windowsill

Window sills are also known to be over on the inside. Not infrequently this can lead to problems if something flush with the wall is to be installed. Here you will find tips and information on how to cut a window sill and shorten it later.

Shorten your windowsill only in your home!

However, before cutting and trimming your windowsill, we point out that you are only allowed to do this if you live in your own home and not for rent. In a rental property, you must first obtain the permission of the landlord. In order to avoid any legal disputes later, you also need this declaration of consent in writing.

Again and again it is necessary to cut a windowsill

There are many reasons to cut a windowsill, of course:

  • new fitted kitchen does not fit because of protruding windowsill
  • on the wall should be placed flush a piece of furniture
  • due to renovations, the window sill now extends too far into the room

Materials that can make window sills

Before you start cutting, you must also consider the various materials that make up a sill. Here are again the most diverse materials in question:

  • Wood
  • stone
  • plastic
  • natural stone
  • metal
  • Composites

Cutting a wood or plastic windowsill

For a wooden window sill you should have the fewest problems with cutting. In the case of wood, you can even cut out very small corners, if a fitted kitchen has to be fitted. Plastic is also very easy to cut. Especially the jigsaw, with enough space but also the circular saw, can be used. But then, above all else, it is important to have a saw blade that does not lubricate or fray plastic.

The shortening of an artificial stone sill

You can also cut numerous artificial stones. However, you will need to use a stone or concrete cutter or an angle grinder with a stone cutting disc. However, you have to cover everything around the job since there will be an enormous amount of dust.

Cutting window sill from natural stone is the biggest effort

Natural stones can basically be cut as well. However, the space on the wall will hardly be enough. Therefore, with a natural stone slab as a windowsill, it is more likely that you remove the windowsill. Then you can bring them to a stonemason or use a new, shorter natural stone window sill.

Why the removal of the entire sill can be worthwhile

The fact that the stonemason should cut your windowsill has a simple reason: the cut edge lies outside, so it is visible. Even with stone saws that you can borrow, you'll never get as smooth a cut as a stonemason. This would make the window sill plate permanently ugly.

Tips & Tricks

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