Expand a windowsill

Many sills are relatively narrow. But many people would like to use each window sill best for numerous flower pots or even a better view for the cat. Below you will find some ideas on how you can expand your windowsill quickly and easily, so you can widen to the outside.

Limited use if the sill is too narrow

In old buildings, there are usually beautiful deep window sills. They offer plenty of space for a wide variety of requirements:

  • Resting place and viewpoint for cats
  • Wintering place for plants
  • general place for tropical and indoor plants
  • Standing room for terrariums

Windowsill for rent or for homeownership expand

But not every sill is suitable. Because numerous window sills are also kept very narrow. But then there is still the possibility that you can extend such a windowsill. First of all, you have to differentiate between whether you live in property or for rent. For most rental properties, you will need a solution that you can decommission.

Otherwise you must not forget that you have to give the consent to basic renovations on the windowsill also in writing. For example, if your landlord in an old apartment during collection moved in orally, here to make changes.

In your own four walls, however, you can expand your window sills almost as you like. Of course, it would be a way to rip out the old sill and replace it with a new, deep sill. In many cases, you can broaden a windowsill much faster.

Just stick a wider one onto the narrower windowsill

If you have a natural stone window sill, you can stick a second natural stone slab on the narrower original window sill in your own house or condominium. But keep in mind that in most cases this is not recoverable. For such an extension can look very nice.

Mount the extension on brackets, uprights or columns

Some window sills provide some space below the window frame. So you can hang a flat, deeper window sill and jam inside with small wooden wedges. But if you do not want to damage the original windowsill, you can mount an extension around the window on angles. You could also position two columns sideways. You can then either lay the extended window sill over the old narrow window sill or adjust it to the front exactly by cutting it.

Tips & Tricks

In the house journal we offer you numerous other guides and instructions for work around the windowsill. Here's how we show you how to build a windowsill.

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