Install the windowsill on the heater - is that possible?

Especially with floor to ceiling windows, it is often difficult to mount a windowsill above a standing in front of heating. Even roof windows sometimes cause problems. What mounting options there are on the radiator itself, and how to attach them, read in this guide.

Fixing possibilities of window sills

Window sills can be installed without major problems in an existing window reveal. They are then pushed on the sides in a milled slot and sealed with silicone. Thus they hold easily on the lower window reveal and are also massive load.

Problems arise on the one hand in skylights but also in floor to ceiling windows. If a heater is installed in front of it, this problem can be solved.

Benefit of the windowsill

Window sills above the heater also prevent dust and small objects from getting in between the radiator fins and behind the radiator. In addition, they offer a stable storage option.

On the top of the radiator, even when the cover is present, no heat-sensitive objects can be deposited because it is too hot. On an attached window sill that works but without problems.

System clamp carrier

For all commercially available flat radiators, there are so-called clamp carrier. These can be mounted without problems on the radiators. The radiator is not damaged. On the top of the clamp support is - in adjustable height - a support for a plate available. The plate is only pinched there.

Fit window sill over a radiator - step by step

  • clamp support
  • windowsill
  • screwdriver
  • tape measure

1. Attach the clamp carrier

Place the clamp supports on the radiator at regular intervals (measure). Use so many clamp straps to provide a firm hold for your deck board.

2. Tighten the brackets

Use the threaded rods to screw the clamp brackets down through the radiator at the desired locations until they are firmly fixed.

3. Secure the windowsill

Slide the brackets on top, insert the sill and slide the brackets together until the sill is firmly clamped. Tighten the bracket until the board is firmly attached.

Tips & Tricks

By attaching the sill to the radiator, you may be able to save a wall mount, which is associated with a lot of effort (drilling, dowels, set angle), and often less stable holds.

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