Glue window strips

On windows between glazing and window sash window sills are attached. These not only have a visual decorative effect. Therefore, when gluing the window sills are often made corresponding errors.

Modern window construction requires window ledges

Window construction has changed drastically in recent decades. For a long time windows are no longer traditionally glazed with window putty. Modern windows are also multi-glazed. Between the discs is a vacuum or inert gas. In addition, the discs themselves may be specially coated.

These windows are fastened by the manufacturer in a metal frame. These "window packages" can then be easily inserted into the window sash. This has the advantage that the pure glass exchange can be carried out very quickly and without much effort. If the window is installed, comes between glass and wings nor a window bar.

The window bar primarily seals your window

It is not just for decoration. The sill also seals the window between the sash and the glass. Therefore, a remote window bar can not be attached arbitrarily. The requirements for the window must be observed in any case. If you are not sure, please contact the window manufacturer.

Fix the window strip - from gluing to screwing

Basically, there are distinctions when attaching the window sills. You can glue, screw or clamp window ledges:

  • Plastic windows: window ledges clamped and / or glued
  • Aluminum windows: window ledges donated or screwed
  • Wooden windows: window ledges donated or screwed

In some exceptional cases, the strips may also be glued to metal or wooden windows. That is rather rare. For plastic windows, on the other hand, it is the standard method, as it effectively seals between sash and window glass.

Pay attention to the right glue

However, mistakes in the correct use of an adhesive are often made again. Again, you must ask again the specifications of the window manufacturer. It may be that this has released only certain products. This is by no means necessarily a marketing trick, as PVC-based adhesives are often used.

Glue window strips only with approved products

These adhesives attack the plastic. They should also, because they not only glue the window ledges, but literally weld. In addition, the bars are often still clamped, so they are anyway in a leadership. But again and again it is to be heard that some "specialists" instead of the prescribed building or PVC glue silicone for fastening use. That may initially hold, but is not intended.

Tips & Tricks

Silicone is a pure sealant that also changes over time. Thus, the sealing task that is given to the window bar, can not be guaranteed. Only use the products recommended or approved by your window manufacturer. When applying the PVC adhesive, you must be careful because, as already mentioned, the plastic is easily loosened. The adhesive must not be so well under the window molding!

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