Clean the windows without stripes - very easy

If you would like to clean your windows without streaking, you have to pay attention to a few small points at work. The window cleaning without streaks and stripes is not associated with more work. Here we show the little tricks.

Avoid sunshine

First of all, do not clean with direct sunshine if you want to avoid streaks. The solar radiation heats up the windscreen and the water dries too fast. Hardly anyone is fast enough to dry the window in the sunshine with the chamois leather. This creates the unloved stripes and streaks.

Hard water - dissolve lime

In some regions, the water is very hard. That simply means that a lot of lime is dissolved in the water. This lime also causes stripes and sometimes even a slight coating, which acts as if the disc fogged.

With a little vinegar, the water can be neutralized to prevent this effect. However, vinegar does not clean the window too well. Therefore, the window should first be cleaned normally and then washed with vinegar water.

Dish soap and warm water

The simplest and cheapest way to clean a window without streaks is a normal detergent in warm water. If many spots of fly droppings have landed on glass and frame, the water should be a bit warmer.

Chamois leather and puller

The faster the window is dried again after brushing, the easier it is to achieve streak-free shine. Therefore, a puller is very useful, which derives the remaining water quickly from the disc.

Then it is ideal with a chamois or a lint-free dry cloth to wipe off the remaining moisture. Well suitable old dish towels or microfibre cloths for the final drying of the disc.

Steam cleaner without cleaning agent

If you want to get your windows streak-free without cleaning agents, you can use a steam cleaner. The cleans purely with hot steam and comes out without any detergent. Annoying, however, may be the refueling, if you want to clean many windows at once.

Therefore, when buying the unit, pay attention to the amount that can be poured into water at once. Before the device can be refilled, it must first cool down. A power cord must also be laid by the plastering friend to his place of use, since most devices are not available with battery.

These points help with cleaning without stripes

  • Dishwashing liquid with warm water
  • Rinse with vinegar water
  • do not clean in the sunshine
  • Alcohol and newsprint damage the windows

Tips & Tricks

Above all, use a window wiper with a telescopic handle instead of a ladder. Around the house, the floor is not always perfectly level and ladders are a great danger. After all, most serious accidents happen in the household, and many household chores are involved.

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