Wall windows

The window walls can mean two different types of work: the walling of a window opening and the bricking of an existing window. We provide tips and further information for both situations below if you want to wall a window accordingly.

Wall opening or walling

First of all, we distinguish between then to wall a window or to wall a window opening. For example, in a garden shed or in an intermediate wall. Keep in mind that if you want to wall a window, you will not always be able to do without building permits in a home. Explicitly building close to the border should be emphasized here.

A window opening wall

If you want to wall a window, nobody can stop you. So much more elaborate can be the walls of a new window. Depending on the circumstances you need:

  • a building permit
  • a structural engineer or building architect for the blueprint
  • Lintels for insertion

Even if no building permit is required, an architect or structural engineer is urgently required. Lintels can not be used indefinitely. The lintel must direct the power of the facade around the window. Physically the narrow limits are set.

According to building regulations, which can be interpreted slightly differently in each state building code and in each development plan, the window size should be related to the room size. If a window you imagine is too wide for static reasons, you can also pair windows.

Dimensions of window opening and lintel

In detail, we show you how to build your new window into the existing building under "Install the window later". Here you will also find the concrete fall measurements. For the window sizes you will get further information here.

A window wall

The only thing left would be to brick up a window. To do this you must first remove the old window. Follow the link for a comprehensive guide. After the window is removed, you must prepare the window reveal. Old window cloths are to be removed as well as silicone residues, wallpaper and other coverings.

Plastering and painting after the walls

If the plaster of a plastered soffit is no longer the best, you should also beat this out in advance. Then you get exactly the stones, which were also installed in the rest of the masonry. In the case of an old building with bricks, of course, offer modern bricks. Do you want to brick but with bricks, here's a guide to brick walls. Then you just have to plaster the bricked-up window and paint the plaster.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, we also offer you for plastering numerous guides in the house journal. For example, how to plaster lime sandstone.

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