Window width - dimensions and standards

There are no generally standardized widths for the windows that would be required. However, a door may have a minimum width if it is an escape door, but a window is not. However, there are standardized width dimensions that are commonly offered by window builders. Here is an overview.

Installation location and taste

Depending on where a client wants to have the window in question, he can choose the window width and the height relatively freely. A regulatory window width does not exist. Of course, he should get advice on how to fit the windows harmoniously with the dimensions of a building.

Wide glazing and frame

When choosing the respective window size, the builder should consider that on each side between 10 and 15 inches for the frame lost. With a swing window, it can even be up to 20 centimeters, which are needed for the frame.

Standard sizes and installation sizes

To the window width should be included for the wall section still about two centimeters on each side to install the window frame. A little bit of that space needs the window claws that hold the frame in the wall. Slightly less space is required if the more modern window dowels are used.

width and height

Most window manufacturers today offer window widths from 60 centimeters as standard. Depending on the height, the widths increase in steps of ten centimeters to a window width of three meters. However, depending on the number of wings, not every width can be realized.

For a three-leaf window, the total width of the window must be at least 120 centimeters. Similarly, with very wide single-leaf windows, the width of the glazing, which can be inserted in one piece, is limited by the manufacturing process.

Tips & Tricks

Do not be confused, a window of 80 centimeters wide is usually about 78.5 inches wide. Thus, for all widths, simply the rounded or rounded dimensions are given, which rather describe the window opening in the wall than the actual size of the window. They should not insist on their own, as the windows will be considerably more expensive.

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