Secure window against burglary

Securing windows against burglary is often neglected in Germany. This is certainly also due to the fact that, for example, in Germany there is no legal regulation with regard to the Netherlands, which requires a minimum burglary protection in new buildings. But since the increased energy prices and the tightened Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV of 2008/2009, more and more old windows in this country are being replaced by modern heat-insulating windows. So a good way to raise the safety standard and secure windows against burglary.

House burglaries are rising again

Even the current burglary statistics should make house and apartment owners sit up and take notice. It is true that since the mid-1990s there has been a significant decline in the number of burglaries. In terms of recent years, however, these have risen almost dramatically. Extremely good infrastructure (fast, undetected escape) and state savings (many police departments are dissolved or only occupied during the day) certainly carry a complicity here.

Many windows still need to be renewed

But many homeowners have good reasons to change their windows and replace them with modern heat-insulating windows.

  • numerous windows in Germany are still box windows in old buildings or insulating windows from the 1970s and 80s
  • increased energy prices
  • Specifications of the EnEV
  • Modern thermal insulation windows achieve the same insulation level of an ETICS (thermal insulation composite system) for facades

Thermal insulation and adequate burglar resistance

So if you are going to remove your old windows, you should definitely consider the security aspect. So do not only make sure that the window and door assembly according to RAL is made, but your windows are effectively secured against burglary.

German resistance classes and the new RC classes of the EU

So far, there were different (German) DIN standards and resistance classes. These are defined after about 10 years of processing in new resistance classes (RC for Resistance Class), which also describe the resistance time, ie the time required for a violent breakup.

  • RC 1 N: only very low burglary protection. With small tools, such a window can be opened after three minutes. The glass is conventional window glass without safety features.
  • RC 2 N: even with this resistance class there is only a limited amount of window protection. It is also no window glass used, a break with screwdrivers or similar tool is done after three minutes.
  • RC 2 (WK 2): also this window should withstand the same tools as under RC 2 N three minutes. For this purpose, burglary-resistant glazing according to DIN EN 356 (from break-through to break-through) is mandatory.
  • RC 3 (WK 3): this window has to withstand break-in attempts with two screwdrivers and / or a crowbar (cow foot) for five minutes.
  • RC 4 (WK 4): this window must be able to fend off break-in attempts with an ax, hammer, chisel and / or cordless drill for more than 10 minutes.
  • RC 5 (WK 5): 15 minutes break-up time with electrical appliances, including a conventional angle grinder (125 mm disc diameter)
  • RC 6 (WK 6): The glazing must withstand direct attack with axes (with more than 70 hits), angle grinders up to 250 mm disc diameter and other electric saws over 20 minutes.

Minimum requirements for window planning

The standard for private houses standard safety windows extends to WK 3. In addition, the investment costs of the security windows in any meaningful relationship more. Standing height windows (balconies or ground floor) should have at least WK 3. All other windows in upper floors, which are accessible with ladders and other climbing aids, WK 2 or RC 2.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the pure security windows, you can also protect windows, balcony doors and doors with other security components. Blinds are also available in different resistance classes. If you would like to retrofit shutters or install a roller shutter motor, you should also inform yourself about the different safety classes here. Further protection is provided by grills in front of the windows. Under no circumstances should you neglect the burglary protection of basement windows. The same applies to skylights and balcony doors.

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