Simply build your own window lock

If you want to build a window lock yourself, has a few options to choose from, some of which achieve a good effect without much effort. Mechanical locks of all kinds are mounted in almost every type of window in a few simple steps. For more complicated assemblies, the manufacturers offer self-assembly kits.

Five minutes of resistance

To retrofit a window to improve the burglary protection, there is a wide variety of methods. Many variants are universally applicable to all types of windows made of wood, aluminum and plastic.

Basically, the window security must be an obstacle that costs the potential beginner at least a lot of time and he hardly gets along without much noise. Apart from very few professional criminals, almost all burglars can be prevented from cracking the window if the protected window can withstand them for more than five minutes.

Window Protection Methods

  • Slide latch: Can be mounted on the side of the inner wall to prevent the sash from opening. Can also be mounted on the frame by gluing or screwing.
  • Swingarm: Mounted like a sliding bolt and have the advantage of requiring less space in the mounted state.
  • Crossbeams or bars: Are anchored in the masonry or the soffit and prevent the passage even when the window is destroyed.
  • Slide-in strips: Simple and effective way to prevent the sliding of cracked floor-to-ceiling sliding doors. Can, for example, be inserted or removed within seconds in the guide rail of patio doors.
  • Clamps: Function similar to bars and are mounted on the inner and outer frames of the window.
  • Telescopic poles: Strong spiral springs inside the metal bar clamp the telescopic poles into the soffit to make it difficult to open and pass through.
  • Mushroom Pins and Frame Bolts: Available as a kit for some window types.
  • Lockable window handles: replace old handles with lockable models.
  • Additional lock: Mount a second lock on the window frame.
  • Attachment shutters with lock: Fit kit with push-up lock.
  • Window grille: Secure from inside or outside so that it can not be unscrewed and broken out

Tips & Tricks

When looking for security products, you'll find a wealth of "world's best" and "surefire" systems and products. With a short demand in the police station around the corner you can save a lot of money.

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