Open tilt window from the outside

If you try out how easily and quickly a turn-tilt window can be completely opened out of the tilted state, you will not be able to tilt a window in the future if you are away. The principle is simple, does not cause noise and does not damage the window. A suction cup and a string are sufficient as aids.

With or without suction cup possible

To open a tilting window, only the window handle must be folded to fully open the window. In order to operate the window handle or the window olive, about one meter long cord and a suction cup enough to briefly pull the window sash.

Suction cups are the suction cups that are often used in bathrooms. Depending on the nature of the window frame, a skilled person can pull the tilted window without Saufnapf. For this, several fingertips must be placed on the lateral inner edges of the sash frame. With slight pressure to the outside of the window sash can be tightened.

How to open a tilting window from the outside

  • line
  • suction cup

1. Knot the cord loop

Take one end of the string and knot a loop about one centimeter in diameter. The string should get a sort of lasso loop.

2. "capture" window handle

Place the loop over the window handle so that it slips up to the center of rotation. If the string has a slight inherent stability, as is the case with twisted strings, this increases the speed and good accuracy.

3. Insert the cord

Throw the string over the frame of the window sash and guide it with a light pull to the side opposite the window handle. There you hold the cord with light tension.

4. Close the window

Place the suction cup centrally on the glass about ten centimeters below the top frame. Light moistening and previous removal of dirt can increase the suction power.

5. Open the window

Pull the tilted window closed and pull the string end in your hand during this movement. The loop folds the window handle or the window handle and the window opens.

Tips & Tricks

Use a thin and durable cord to prevent it from jamming or cracking when passing through the closed frame.

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