Build a wine rack yourself

Building instructions for wine racks: Creating space for countless bottles

Build a wine rack yourself: rack

Build a wine rack yourself and finally make room in the kitchen. This is easily possible with our construction manual. In addition, wine bottles on the wall are extremely stylish and noble.

Browse through our different building instructions for individual wine racks, which can either be mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. The tall narrow wine rack holds countless bottles and thanks to its clever design can be hidden behind every door. Hanging wine racks have the advantage that there are still plenty of glasses among them.

Let yourself be inspired. Have fun rebuilding

Build a narrow wine rack for wall mounting


If two wooden parts are to be screwed together, please pre-drill the wooden part, which will be screwed first. For a flush surface, all screw heads should be sunk.

The construction time for this wine rack is about 2 hours.

Material and tool list


  • MDF board, 19 mm: 200 x 36 cm, 2 pieces; 10 x 36 cm, 3 pieces
  • Screws 3 x 40 mm, 18 pieces
  • Screws 6 x 60 mm
  • Dowel 6 mm
  • paint color


  • Holzspachtel
  • sanding block
  • abrasive paper
  • countersunk
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • drilling machine
  • Wood drill 3 mm
  • Stone drill 6 mm
  • paint roller
  • paint brush
  • chair angle

Instructions - in five steps to the wine rack

  1. In the hardware store you can have the required MDF panels cut to size for free. All edges only need to be ground. Since rectangular edges are needed for the construction, only small curves should be sanded.
  2. As can be seen in the sketch on the right and in the picture above, the wooden parts are screwed together.
  3. In order to make the wine rule look good in retrospect, fill all screw holes and edges of the MDF boards. Once the putty is dry, sandpaper any smoothed areas with sandpaper.
  4. In the next step, the shelf is freed from the sanding dust. Then it can be painted. Once the paint has dried, all surfaces are smoothed with sandpaper. This is followed by a new cleaning and the spread of the final coat.
  5. Now the wine rack can be placed and fixed in the desired position in the home. Chair angle and screws give the desired hold.

Build a wine rack yourself: wine

Courtesy of toom

material list

  • Dremel® TRIO ™
  • Dremel multi-purpose carbide cutter TR563, grooving cutter TR654, mandrel grinding TR407
  • Dremel 4000®, mandrel grinding and grinding belt 407
  • Wood for the wine rack, wooden round rods 8 mm
  • Metal frame for the wine glasses
  • metal brackets
  • Metal chain for hanging the wine rack on the ceiling
  • 8 screw hooks (4 for the shelf, 4 for fixing to the ceiling)

Step 1

Build a wine rack yourself: yourself

Cut the wood for the frame with the Dremel TRIO (parallel and circular cutter and multi-purpose carbide cutter) to the correct lengths (in our case 2 x 50 cm for front and back, 2 x 25 cm for the side panels),

step 2

Build a wine rack yourself: wine

Mark the cutouts for the bottlenecks on the wooden board, which will serve as the front part of the wine rack. Grind a flat semicircle for each bottleneck with the Dremel 4000 (Grinding Arbor and Sanding Belt 407).

step 3

Build a wine rack yourself: yourself

Using the Dremel TRIO and the Multipurpose Carbide Cutter 12 (two per bottle), cut round wooden rods 22 cm in length. Now measure the twelve points for attaching the wooden round rods on the two pieces of wood for the front and back of the shelf. To do this, attach a mark every 10 cm for the placement of the bottles.

Between the 10 cm markings, draw dots at 1.5 and 8.5 cm intervals. These points mark the places where the roundwood bars are used. Make sure that the distance between the edge of the wood and the center of the wooden bar is 1.5 cm.

Step 4

Build a wine rack yourself: yourself

Then use the Dremel (grooving cutter) to mill halfway through the wood to create grooves for the wood round bars. The depth adjustment is made via the height-adjustable base plate of the TRIO. Pay attention to the correct distance between the wooden round bars - the bottles should be kept safe, without unrolling. Sand sharp edges or bumps with the Dremel TRIO (mandrel grinding with abrasive belt TR407) smooth. Attach the wooden round rods with express glue. This completes the front, back and rack for the wine bottles.

Step 5

Build a wine rack yourself: yourself

Attach the remaining pieces of wood to both sides of the frame: Drill pilot holes to attach the metal brackets and insert the 25 mm screws. Finish the wooden frame with the Dremel TRIO (Multipurpose Carbide Cutter).

Step 6

Build a wine rack yourself: yourself

Use a screwdriver to attach the metal frame to the bottom of the wooden frame to hang the glasses.

Step 7

Build a wine rack yourself: build

Turn the screw hooks on the top of the wooden frame into the corners. Then attach the metal chains to the four corners of the wine rack. To attach the wine rack to the ceiling, simply mark the positions of the screw hooks, drill four holes in the ceiling, set dowels and screw in the screw hooks. Then hang the metal chains on the hooks on the ceiling.

Build a wine rack yourself: yourself

Courtesy of Dremel®

These instructions can be found in the creative Ideabook of Dremel®:

Dremel®'s Creative Ideabook contains 50 original ideas for crafting projects of varying difficulty and countless opportunities for your own projects with Dremel's versatile tooling systems.

Wine rack, wine cabinet and wine cellar build yourself

Instructions and blueprints

Build a wine rack yourself: rack

On holiday, wine lovers like to visit a winery. Often they bring a good drop home. Here then arises the question of the correct storage.

Wine should be stored as lying as possible in order to prevent the cork from drying out. How about building a suitable wine rack yourself?

One can partly resort to specialized building materials, such as those shown hereWine storage brickor.Wine jewelsthat are easy to assemble into shelves. Or you can recycle old Euro pallets to a modern wine rack.

The following is a collection of building instructions for wine racks and wine cabinets and instructions for the planning and construction of a wine cellar.

Contents: Wine rack, wine cabinet and wine cellar

  • Wooden wine rack
  • Wine racks, wine cellar and wine cabinet

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