Wine rack comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the wine rack comparison or test 2018

  • Wine racks are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. A distinction is made between classic shelves, expandable (modular) shelves and design wine racks.
  • Make sure before you buy exactly where you want to store your wine, because the place determines the type of wine rack. For proper storage, you should pay particular attention not only to the temperature and humidity, but also to the best possible lighting conditions.
  • For a wooden wine rack, look for the right paint (against mold) and, for a steel or metal shelf, for chrome plating to prevent rust.

Wine rack comparison 2018: comparison

According to a survey on the frequency of wine consumption, this has been very constant for years: Every fifth German drinks wine several times a month, 7% at least once a week (Source: VuMA). Good wine to buy Anyone can - to appreciate the bottle sweet Riesling or dry Pinot Gris (Italian: Pinot grigio), however, is nothing better than a good wine rack.

In our wine rack comparison 2018 we have looked at the best wine racks in the market and provide you with this guide now a comprehensive buying advice and valuable tips on the most favorable storage conditions for the coveted vine juice.

1. Do not cork! Why you should store wines lying down

Wine in ancient mythology

Wine has been an integral component of many rites and cultural practices for many centuries - spread across the globe. Often the ecstatic effect has been associated with something divine. In fact, there was always a divine representative of the ancient civilization fermented juice of grapesGilgamesh to the Babylonians, Osiris to the Egyptians, Dionysus to the Greeks, and finally Bacchus to the Romans.

In addition to sparkling wine and champagne in particular, wine is considered a fine wine and does not enjoy a finely cultivated reputation from style to elegance for no reason. In order to present the bottles filled with your favorite wines, you can now use different types of wine racks (more on that in the next chapter). Why should you store wine bottles lying down?

Wine bottles should be stored lying down to make sure the inside of the wine cork wetted and stay wet enough, The right temperature and humidity also play a role here (more on this in Chapter 4). Otherwise, dehydration and shrinkage of the cork would be imminent (which, due to the supply of oxygen, may lead to a change in the taste). It is therefore ultimately a question of the quality of the wine - for this reason, all of us compared wine racks for a horizontal storage.

What about the wine in the supermarket?Of course, wines that you find standing in the supermarket can still be purchased without hesitation. Depending on the processing and cork type, these wine bottles have enough moisture to be stored for about 12 to 18 months in a standing position. For corks made of plastic, bottles with glass or screw cap, however, there is no reason for horizontal storage.

So what are the advantages of wine storage on a shelf? We summarized the main arguments again:

  • space-saving storage
  • Corks stay moist
  • Storage much longer possible
  • additional room decoration
  • Cleaning partly complicated
  • Catches dust quickly

2. What types of wine racks are there?

In the following overview we describe the most important differences of the two main types of wine racks.

Wine rack typedescription
classic wine rack

Wine rack comparison 2018: comparison

The classic wine rack can be found especially in good wine shops; the big difference to a conventional kitchen or bookshelf is in the arched, marginal forward inclined notches instead of regular shelves - specially adapted for the bottle shape.

This shelf can confidently be assigned to the category "particularly efficient": It is stable and can accommodate a large number of bottlesHowever, it also takes up a lot of space and is more suitable for a large cellar than for storage in a small apartment.

Preferred materials besides walnut and pine wood are also stainless steel, cast iron and metal (often chrome-plated).

expandable wine rack

Wine rack comparison 2018: rack

With potentially stackable shelf modules, you can easily expand your wine rack as needed. A single module already offers the collector newbie a solid start in his passion.

Danger: Especially with stackable wine rack modules, you should always keep the stability in mind. Often, the only shelf parts can be combined with a click mechanism or security closures and screwed at best. We also recommend placing expandable shelves securely against a wall.

Acacia wood is often used as a material in addition to walnut and pine; Also stainless steel and plastic are popular.

Design wine rack

Wine rack comparison 2018: rack

If you do not like the classic shelf and you're not interested in stackable options, you may be talking to a decorative design wine rack. Here you not only have the choice of the most diverse models in all imaginable shapes, colors and variations - Specimens of this type are usually also very stylish and elegantly made.

However, the disadvantage is often the lack of efficiency: decoration shelves for wine attract attention, but they are often also very small and only offer space for a few bottles. For this you can also be used as a wall decoration and are generally considered to be very stable.

Popular materials are solid wood, cast iron, stainless steel, plastic and metal (chrome-plated).

3. Purchase advice for wine racks: Which criteria are decisive?

Wine rack comparison 2018: rack

This wine rack in the shape of a barrel looks chic, but holds relatively few bottles.

The following purchase criteria should keep you in mind when purchasing your personal wine rack test winner.

3.1. Storage location and shelf type

Your first consideration when buying a wine rack should be where exactly you want to place it, because: The exact location determines the type of wine rack, If you have a cellar at your disposal - whether in your own house or in the garden in the countryside - we recommend that you use a classic wine rack for storing your wine.

If space in your home should be the deciding factor, then you can help out here with (potentially) upgradeable wine rack modules or even a stylish design shelf.

3.2. material

Wine rack comparison 2018: 2018

Also wine racks from so-called wine storage stones can be combined with each other and can be easily extended.

The choice of the right material should also be considered. Especially if you decide to have wine in a cellar, we recommend that you to pay attention to the following points:

  • In the case of a wooden wine rack, this should always be painted to avoid the risk of mold.
  • The reason for their stability most popular woods are nut, pine and acacia.
  • Steel or metal wine racks should be chrome plated to prevent rust.

Note: Especially larger wine racks carry a heavy load with a growing number of bottles, which is why you should pay even more attention to stability. Screw or secure your shelf to a wall as securely as possible - this applies to the basement as well as your apartment.

According to the heavy load of many wine bottles, a wine rack made of stone or clay is not a bad choice. Although this type shelves seem comparatively inelegant or even sparse and sober, however: The sound ensures that the Temperature of the wine can be kept stable.

4. What should I pay attention to when storing wine?

Wine rack comparison 2018: rack

The dark lighting conditions are ideal for wine in this wine cellar.

With hardly any other beverage does the correct storage play such a large role as with wine. That's why it applies, some of the following Basic rules regarding the right temperature, humidity and light conditions to follow. We have summarized the most important for you as precisely as possible and in detail as necessary.

  • Temperature:The ideal storage temperature for white and red wine is between 10 and 13° Celsius. It only becomes dangerous if you fall below 20° C and below 5° C. If the storage temperature is too high, chemical processes will cause a more rapid aging process in the wine.
  • Humidity:When storing wine in the cellar, experts recommend ideally an air humidity of ideally 65 - 70% in order to avoid mold and loosening wine labels. However, if the humidity is too low, the cork quickly becomes porous, causing oxygen to enter the wine, which in turn changes the taste of the wine.
  • Light conditions:Here is less (light) more. Neither red nor white wine tolerate the sun's ultraviolet rays. This is most clearly visible through chemically induced color changes of the wine: While red wine fades, white wine takes on a gold-yellow color, Both have a bad effect on the quality of the wine.

Also, be careful not to expose your wine to strong shocksbecause swinging, for example, a washing machine can dissolve the soil sediment of the wine bottles, which can adversely affect the wine ripening process.

5. Further questions about the wine rack

The manufacturers Wenko and Zeller offer cheap wine racks in different styles. Higher-priced design wine racks can be found mainly in the brands Koziol and Blomus.

  • Blomus
  • Len-mar
  • Impag
  • Koziol
  • wenko
  • Zeller

5.2. Is there already a wine shelf test of Stiftung Warentest?

Wine rack comparison 2018: 2018

This stylish wine rack still has enough space for the matching glasses.

So far, the Foundation has not dedicated itself to any explicit wine shelf test. In general, however, wine is a very popular topic at Stiftung Warentest. Due to a constantly changing society, in which the animal ethics are becoming more and more important especially for young wine lovers, we recommend this article about vegan wine.

5.3. Can I also build a wine rack myself?

Assuming that you have sufficient craftsmanship and patience, you can of course try to build your own wine rack yourself. On the one hand you get some creative impulses on websites like Pinterest, On the other hand, we recommend you take a look at the following video.

5.4. Which names carry the big wine bottles?

In the following table we have summarized the names of the usual and (very) unusual bottle sizes from literature, film and television for you.

Size of the wine bottle (in liters)Name of the bottle
0,187Split, Dinky
0,5Dumpy (South Africa), French pot
0,75standard bottle
3Double magnum (for champagne)
6Imperial (for champagne)
9Salmanazar (for champagne)
12Balthazar (for champagne)
15Nebuchadnezzar (for champagne)

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