Wine rack - wine racks for the wine cellar - the correct storage of wine

The right wine storage in the wine rack

Wine rack - wine racks for the wine cellar - the correct storage of wine: storage

Simple wine racks made of clay or metal can turn a cellar room into a wine cellar. But the indoor climate must be right. (Photo: /

Some wine should be left for some time, so that it can develop its full taste. But caution is advised: over-aged wines age faster. The proper temperature is the alpha and omega of wine storage - There are all experts agree. Because the warmer it is, the faster the wine matures, explains the real estate portal

About the exact number of degrees but argue the minds. who a temperature between seven and 18 degrees chooses, is not wrong. Too cool, the room does not need to be, but important is a constant temperature. Excessive fluctuations between day and night, but also summer and winter, should be avoided. Because this means strains for the wine, which can also be felt in the taste.

The humidity is also a decisive quality criterion for the wine storage. It should be well above 60 percent. Water or wet sand shells can help improve the climate for the wine, advises Because: If the humidity is too low, the cork can dry out and shrink. As a result, the wine gets too much oxygen and oxidizes in the worst case.

Expert Tip: No wooden wine racks!
The wine expert Otto Geisel advises: "When storing in the classic wine rack products made of steel or plastic are recommended." Wooden shelves can trigger the infestation of the cork moth whose maggots pierce the cork. "

In addition, wine should be stored dark. If there is too much light in the storeroom, white wine in clear glass bottles, for example, should be covered with cardboard.

Protect aroma: Since wine easily absorbs odors, storage alongside fruit and vegetables or cleaning products should be avoided.

Wine cabinet for regulated temperatures

If you do not have the right cellar but would like to store fine wines in the long term, you can also think about purchasing a wine cellar. This provides with several temperature zones and additional fresh air supply for a good ripening climate, However, such cooling permanently consume electricity.

If a wine is to be kept for only a few months, can make without hesitation, the apartment as a warehouse, reports Because in such a short time, unfavorable conditions are not noticeable. Quite suitable for a longer residence time can be a storage chamber, which is consistently cool, dark and well ventilated. (Lifepr)

Presentation in the designer wine rack

Wine rack - wine racks for the wine cellar - the correct storage of wine: wine

(Picture: Rosendahl wine rack WINETUBE for 12 bottles / Photo: Rosendahl)

For the short-term presentation of wine bottles shortly before consumption, there are again special wine racks. An example of this is the Winetube by Rosendahl, which not only offers space for 12 bottles of wine, but at the same time almost transforms them into a minimalist sculpture. The wine rack can be fixed to the wall. If you are looking for more models, we have selected other wine racks for you:

  • to the wine rack comparison

Wine cabinet - the alternative for wine storage in the living room

If you do not have a cellar and still want to have optimal storage conditions for your wine bottles, you can buy a wine tempering cabinet. These are already often available as built-in appliances - matching the other appliances in the kitchen.

Many of the wine cabinets offer different temperature zones for red wine or white wine On, therefore, the equipment is often called wine cellar. In addition, air filters often provide ideal storage conditions.

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