Winflip: Automatic window closing system

Winflip: Automatic window closing system: closing

Winter is coming, the days are getting shorter and cooler and the number of burglaries is increasing noticeably. If you are out of the office every day for hours, be it professional or private, and you do not want to constantly choose between the safety of your home or your health, Winflip's automatic window locking system provides a solution. The automatically adjustable ventilation times allow you to bothprevent burglars from having easy playIn addition, ensure regular ventilation of your rooms to prevent mold growth.

Winflip for all common window models

The Win Flip window closing system It can be integrated into any standard tilt-window model, regardless of whether it is a wooden frame, aluminum frame or plastic frame.

Advantages of Winflip

The automatic window locking system offers the buyer some advantages. On the one hand, it helps to reduce energy costs through its automatically adjustable locking system. The length of time that can be programmed is between 5 minutes and 5 hours. You do not have to fall back on batteries or the power grid.

In addition, Winflip offers one Protection against burglars, because a tilted window is quickly understood as an invitation to burglary. With the locking system you can leave the house with a good feeling without constantly worrying about the safety of your belongings. The 1mm thick toothing made of high-tech plastic ensures that the window remains closed after closing, whereby the window handle can remain in tilted position.

On Windows equipped with Winflip can be considered child safe. Your little ones will not be able to open such a window on their own.

Winflip models

Winflip: Automatic window closing system: system

Whether skylight or regular tilt window, Winflip offers different models:

Winflip standard is available since 2008 and suitable for self-assembly, even without prior knowledge. It can be operated by means of a drawstring cord. The ventilation time can be regulated by means of an adjusting screw and closes after a predetermined time by means of closing force by itself. The window is kept closed by its own lock, whereby the window handle can remain in tilted position. Opening and closing of the window take place without electricity and without batteries.

Winflip professional is available from April 2010 and differs from the standard model visually and technically by the recessed in the rebate lock.

Winflip for skylight

Winflip: Automatic window closing system: winflip

Winflip Comfort: offers a fully integrated version and differs visually as well as technically from the retrofit versions. It makes it possible to open the window on the side without having to deactivate the locking mechanism beforehand.

Winflip roof for VELUX swing windows: From September 2010, the customer will have their own version for skylights, which is suitable for self-assembly as well as for the assembly service.

Winflip window closing system assembly

The assembly of the WinFlip window closing system can be accomplished quickly and effortlessly with the help of the respective assembly instructions. Winflip can be mounted on the left as well as the right side, furthermore it can be effortlessly used in double-leaf windows as well. It is suitable for tilting windows from 50cm window width with an opening width of up to 230mm. By avoiding electrical control, the operation is easy for children and the elderly.

Here you will find the assembly instructions for:

Mounting model standard

Quick Installation Guide Model Standard

Mounting model roof window

WinFlip window closing system video tutorial

In the following video you can see the automatic Winflip window closing system and personally convince yourself of its advantages to let.

Winflip alarm for retrofitting

If you already have one of the Winflip models, you may also want to make use of the additional offers. Considering the burglary risk can the automatic alarm systemEnsure greater safety in your home. It can easily be integrated into an existing Winflip window locking system and then automatically activated when you open and close your window.

If someone tries to forcibly open the Winflip-secured window, the alarm system activates and triggers the alarm. The Winflip alarm system comes with 4 batteries (type 392A), which are over a life of about 5 years feature.

Window drive HomeMatic Winmatic for retrofitting

Winflip: Automatic window closing system: system

You have the option of your window with a HomeMatic Winmatic window drive equip. This drive sets a virtually silent opening and closing of the window by means of timer function. Both tilt speed and tilt position of the window can be set arbitrarily. You can either use the buttons on the device itself or you can use any HomeMatic remote control.

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