The winter garden as a precious living space

The conservatory can expand the living space and increase the value of the house. But not only should a heater be installed, but also a ventilation system. At the same time, sufficient protection must be provided on hot days.

Plan and apply for your winter garden

A residential winter garden is heated, therefore certain regulations for energy saving must be observed. The building authorities will not issue a permit unless the insulation, roofing and glazing of the conservatory are sufficient to keep the heat in the room.

Heating - but not out the window

A residential winter garden needs at least a double glazing, better is a double glazing. This also applies to the roofing, if a glass roof is planned.

Derive summer heat through ventilation and shading

The conservatory quickly without alternation of ventilation or shading alternately from the sauna to the stalactite cave. The most convenient variant is an automatic control of the two elements in connection with the heating.


In a normal conservatory, it is possible to divert the rising warm air with pure gravity, but if a conservatory is to be used as a living space, the used air must be extracted with an electric ventilation at precisely planned places.


Shading from the outside is the most effective, since at the same time an air cushion is created between the glazing and the blind or awning, which additionally insulates. This keeps some of the precious warmth in the conservatory even in winter.

These points make the conservatory a living space

  • glazing
  • insulation
  • heater
  • Foundation and flooring
  • covering
  • shading
  • ventilation

Tips & Tricks

Plan a residential winter garden exactly. Take some time, because the errors that you incorporate during the planning, are partially irreversible. In addition, you should get help from an architect or the same planning. Especially with a heated conservatory, which is designed as a living space, the requirements for insulation and fire protection are high. A building permit is issued only if all these requirements are met.

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