Conservatory Cleaning

How to clean the conservatory properly?

Conservatory Cleaning: cleaning

Especially as a home improvement one asks the question: Do I have to call for a cleaning service for the care of my conservatory? Can I do it myself? Since doing it yourself is trumps, here are a few tips that are easy to keep clean the corners and edges of the conservatory.

The biggest problem that many may have is that Working on the high roof and window elements. Here, please only climb the one who is absolutely free from giddiness. On brave Stellkonstruktionen the climbing aids or rickety scaffolding should be completely dispensed with, especially when cleaning the high, outer roof segments.

For the winter garden cleaning hire a professional cleaning company is no shame and in case of doubt everyone should do it. But with a few simple steps, every home improvement can occasionally take care of the maintenance of his winter garden.

Cleaning the windows

When cleaning the glass wall and ceiling elements, care must be taken to carefully clean the lower edge areas, especially from the outside. Because of gravity, most of the dirt accumulates because of rain and dew. If windows and insulating elements need to be removed from moss, do not use any sharp-edged objects as these could damage both the glass and the insulating seals.

If deposits have accumulated in some corners, which are very difficult to remove, can the concentrated water jet of a high-pressure cleaner achieve the desired cleaning effect. Steam cleaners can also be used for winter garden cleaning. These achieve good results without the use of alkalis or soaps. If you do not like climbing on ladders, you can clean your windows with telescopic poles, which can be extended very far, depending on the model. Professional washers replace the wipe and with a window wiper the water can be "pulled" back from the glass.

Tip for cleaning glass and window panes: Newsprint

Even professional window cleaners swear by it: after the windows with water and window cleaner were thoroughly cleaned, you can wipe dry with newspaper. Depending on the practice and routine extremely streak-free results can be achieved.

Cleaning the profile elements and struts

In principle, it does not matter what the elements between the glass panes consist of, because On really sharp cleaning agents should be waived. On the one hand, they can permanently discolour or even damage the high-quality surfaces. On the other hand, the pollution that can occur in or on a winter garden, by far not so persistent, that would be too violent clubs to guess.

Use for conservatory cleaning warm water, a dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth, because it can quickly, cheaply and, above all, environmentally friendly to tackle most of the dirt effectively: When cleaning plastic surfaces should incidentally be dispensed with microfibre cloths, as they cause small scratches and roughen the surfaces in the long run.

Remove foliage and clean the floor

Conservatory Cleaning: cleaning

Plants and trees lose leaves - even in the conservatory. Since this is not the case only in winter, you should free the soil from the falling material all year round. In principle, plant culture does not harm the leaves when they are left, but it does so quickly an unkempt impression. What may be a pretty sight in nature can make a neglected impression in an artificially created area.

Also fallen and overripe fruits should be removed when grown in the conservatory. By removing the fallen fruit, you not only protect against unpleasant odors, but also reduce the risk of pest infestation. And finally, the smell can also attract mice and even rats.

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