Grow conservatory - find green paradise

Not every winter garden has to be heated or insulated. Some owners just want a kind of greenhouse to sit in. A winter garden can therefore have many faces, depending on how it will be used later.

Create a green oasis

If you just want to be close to nature a little earlier in the year, you can build a conservatory. Here the nature lover can not only move a little closer to the wild, without freezing. He can even create a little paradise in his conservatory.

Who wants to grow the plants of the Mediterranean in his winter garden, which is best served with an unheated glass room. These plants often need the rest period in winter to renew their leaves.

Heat buffer for the apartment

In addition to the benefit as a wintering room for plants and as a seat for the residents, the conservatory also offers the house or apartment a great benefit. He is a veritable buffer for heat and cold.

This actually saves part of the heating costs if the conservatory is directly attached to the house. During the cold season, in a glazed conservatory, every ray of sunshine is immediately converted into heat.

Light and shadow

Even if a cold, unheated conservatory is to be grown, adequate shading is important from the outset. The most effective in most conservatories shading from the outside, since then at the same time an air layer between the roofing and the shading is made.

Grow conservatory - it is important to pay attention

  • Foundation should fit the type of conservatory
  • Construction and material
  • Heating and heating
  • covering
  • Type of external doors
  • plant selection

Tips & Tricks

Sounds simple, but you should check before the actual planning of the conservatory, what you and your family really expect from a conservatory. If you already know that you will not be satisfied in the long run with a cold conservatory, you prefer to build equal to a heated and insulated conservatory.

Video Board: Climatron Geodesic Dome Conservatory - Missouri Botanical Garden