Conservatory made of wood - easy and cheap

For the construction of a winter garden, a natural wood is still the most common material. There are also reasons for this, because hardly any material can be processed by an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer as easily as wood.

Favorable building material for the construction of a conservatory

Wood is both cheap and easy to work with, which additionally adds to the price of the conservatory. But if a heated conservatory is to be built and various other materials such as plastic windows to be installed together with the wood, then the cheapest wood is unfortunately not good enough.

Protect wooden structure

The wood construction of the conservatory may need to be treated regularly with a glaze, so that pests and molds can not penetrate into the wood.

Glulam or laminated wood

A real home conservatory, which is heated, brings the cheap wood to warp and tear. This can go so far that the windows break. Therefore, you need for a high-quality conservatory, which should be completely closed high-quality wood that does not warp or shrink.

Glulam or laminated wood is already dried before assembly. This prevents a subsequent shrinking by the post-drying. Also, cracks are almost non-existent when the wood is dry before assembly.

Wood - simple material for self-construction

Especially if you want to build a conservatory yourself, wood is the material of choice. Therefore many kits for conservatories are offered in wood. One should keep in mind, the cheaper the kit, the lower the quality of the wood. Often something has to be drilled or sawn here. There are particularly favorable offers from manufacturers of conservatories from Poland. These do not have to be worse in quality, but of course you should also look closely here.

Tips & Tricks

When buying wood, pay attention to the quality. The cheapest softwood from the hardware store will suffice for a patio roof or a carport, but never for a homely conservatory that will give you and the family a long-lasting pleasure.

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