Winter garden on the roof terrace - you must pay attention

In order to use a roof terrace even in bad weather, the construction of a conservatory on the roof terrace offers. What is important to note, which types are possible, and with what prices you have to expect, you will find here.

building permit

The roof terrace itself is already always subject to approval. This is true in any case.

Conservatories are always subject to approval. This means that even if an approved roof terrace already exists, you must apply for a separate building permit for the construction of the winter garden, if you want to build it later.

There are several aspects to the approval:

  • sufficiently safe and stable construction
  • sufficient static safety (load capacity of the roof sufficient)
  • Conformity of the construction with the applicable state building regulations
  • Permissibility of the construction according to the valid regulations of the local development plan
  • Permissibility of the construction according to the regulations of the neighboring law applicable in the respective federal state (border distances, etc.)
  • possibly required consent of the neighboring property (not in all federal states)

Who builds a roof terrace or even a conservatory without permission, builds a black building. The result can be not only a fine but under certain circumstances a required demolition and dismantling, if a re-approval is not possible. If damage is caused by a black building, the claims for damages can be horrendous. Moreover, without static assessment, you should not build in your own interest.

Residential winter garden or canopy?

Technically, you have to decide whether you have a heated residential winter garden or just an unheated terrace roofing. Residential conservatories are a lot more expensive - and also more expensive.

Residential winter garden

A residential winter garden is included in the total living area of ​​the building. It must be structurally fulfilled some conditions:

  • it must be airtight
  • it is necessary to use a thermal glazing (double glazing) with a U-value of at most 1.1
  • The floor area may also need to be adequately insulated
  • Heating with appropriate ventilation system must be available

The costs for a residential winter garden usually lie in the range of about 1.100 - 2.500 EUR per m² for most ready-made variants. In addition there are the costs for shading and possible additional equipment.

Conservatory as terrace roofing

In this case, you will find much cheaper prices for ready-to-use variants; in general, prices here start at around 900 EUR per m². You can rely on lightweight construction here, and can completely ignore the requirements of the EnEV. You can also do without ventilation, it is not necessary for lightweight construction.

Tips & Tricks

With folding doors you can fully open the sides of the conservatory. Especially with roof terraces, this will offer in many cases.