Winter Garden plants

The right plants for the conservatory

The typical conservatory plant does not exist in itself, because temperatures are crucial in the choice of planting, which prevail throughout the year in the building. If the conservatory is to be usable all year without warm clothing, such as at family evenings or to receive visitors, other plants come into question than if the temperature level continuously moves below 10 degrees Celsius.

The following examples show that it is the colorful variety At least it does not detract from being limited to just one temperature control, as there is a wonderful selection of beautiful plants for both cold, temperate and warm conservatories.

Anyone who has plants and flowers in his garden, he necessarily protect from frost and cold must, of course, can put this for wintering in the conservatory. This is also briefly mentioned at the end of the article.

Plants for conservatories with cooler temperatures

The temperature range for the cold conservatory is between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. Here it is perfectly normal if the temperature scale is occasionally exceeded due to the sunlight. This will certainly not hurt the plants. The important thing is that the conservatory frost-free even during the cold winter nights remains.

The plants that for the cold conservatory would be possible, for example:

  • Flaschenputzer
  • Cordyline
  • dragon trees
  • laurel
  • acacia
  • palmettos
  • olive trees
  • star jasmine
  • Mediterranean cypress
  • Andes Tannen

Winter Garden plants: garden

Winter Garden plants: winter

Planting for tempered conservatories

The temperate winter gardens are in the temperature range of 12 to 16 degrees Celsius and are therefore suitable not only for the preservation of plants, but also for a short stay with guests. Adapted to these temperatures, the plant culture should be chosen. Gladly will on it Plants from the equatorial areas resorted to, also on South African and South American plants.

For example, the temperatures feel following copies especially well:

  • finial
  • Wunderblume
  • banana shrub
  • passionflower
  • orchids
  • green Lily
  • clover
  • oleander

Winter Garden plants: conservatory

Winter Garden plants: winter

Plants for warm winter gardens

The warm conservatory is natural a royal pleasure, where you can enjoy yourself all year round. Especially in the winter months, a warm conservatory but also not least a heating cost issue, therefore, before the purchase of the corresponding plants, the question must be clarified whether the financial burden is covered by the budget. However, modern heating and ventilation systems can already absorb part of the costs if they are optimally adjusted.

As plants come here, of course, the tropical plants in question, who like to have it warm all year round as well as other interesting species, such as:

  • rubber trees
  • Appreciated
  • A leaf
  • tulip tree
  • hibiscus
  • Sword Fern
  • fruit banana
  • Sansevieria
  • chestnut wine

Winter Garden plants: conservatory

Winter Garden plants: garden

Hibernate plants

The winter garden is particularly well suited for wintering of plants that are to be protected from the freezing temperatures. Especially Container plants can easily be transported into it and thus protected from frost. However, a few points should be noted:

  • Is the temperature control suitable for the respective garden? On plant Encyclopaedia can inform in this regard.
  • Is the place in the conservatory with the Light and sun conditions on? Half-shade plants, for example, should be protected from permanent sunlight.
  • Do not the plants take away the light from each other? Larger plants would have to if necessary cut back for the winter become.
  • How is it about irrigation? The plants are happy Pumpsprüher that simulate rainfall. If a winter holiday is due, then please also to an automatic irrigation system think or ask the neighbors of the trust to pour.

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