Refurbishment of conservatory - 3 basic concepts

In a conservatory, the owner can realize himself as an interior designer himself. Almost everything is allowed here that pleases. However, before setting up a simple basic concept should be worked out. Here are three concepts for the conservatory.

Cool style in the warm conservatory

A heated, warm conservatory may feel a bit overcooled when it comes to styling. Bright floor tiles and silver metal louvre blinds are clean and bring a sense of clarity.

With playful decorative items should be saved in this winter garden however. Palm trees and green plants with large decorative leaves are doing well in this ambience. A variety of colors is just as little desired in the plants as in the furniture or decorative objects.

  • Colors - white, light gray and silver
  • Furniture - metal or white
  • Plants - big green leaves, little flowering plants

Model tropical jungle

Probably the only room that can still work today, like a tropical jungle is the conservatory. If a large wall shadows the room on one side, this is an ideal location for a wall wallpaper with a tropical rainforest.

Wicker furniture combined with lush colorful plants in a tropical conservatory is the best choice. The flooring should not be too light. Very good fits a floor of ship flooring.

  • Colors - bright red, orange, yellow and green
  • Furniture - wicker furniture or natural wood
  • Plants - abundantly colorful, many flowers and vine plants

Mediterranean Feeling

The Mediterranean concept is the most popular feature for a conservatory. Here, too, offers a mural. However, then poppies or a Tuscan landscape should grace the wall. The floor is laid out with terracotta tiles.

Natural, like dark wood or wicker furniture enrich this furnishing style in addition to oleander, citrus and palm trees. Coziness is trumps here and can be refined with many lanterns and decorative elements made of ceramic or wood.

  • Colors - warm beige, light brown and a little red
  • Furniture - wood in all natural shades
  • Plants - typical Mediterranean selection

Tips & Tricks

Of course, nobody should literally follow a given concept. It's all about your own taste as your new conservatory is set up. Just change a concept to reflect your lifestyle.

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