Conservatory - Install shade dispenser from the inside

As beautiful as the sun may seem and as much as you would like to be welcomed in a conservatory. Especially in the warm season, the sun can very quickly bring too much heat into the glazed conservatory.

Install awnings from the inside

For the shading of the conservatory from the inside rope tension awnings are used in most cases. They are significantly cheaper than awnings with articulated arm and less prone to failure. Fabric or PVC sheets are provided with eyelets through which a wire rope was passed. The wire rope is braced under the conservatory roof.

Material for shading

In addition to the material of the attachment, it is important to pay attention to the awning material itself. Many simple fabrics become stiff and brittle after one or two summers. If they are then used in the heat, they break in quickly.

Another issue with fabrics used as shading in the conservatory is yellowing and graying. Colored fabric bleaches quickly and bright colors often become slightly yellowish, as if the winter garden had smoked constantly.

Disadvantages of fabrics in the conservatory soon
  • foxing
  • musty smell
  • Fade and yellow
  • Fabrics become stiff and tear

Pleated for the elegant shade

Pleated sheets are also used on the top of the conservatory from the inside, but primarily fine pleats are attached to the windows. They have the advantage that they are easy to move and easy to install.

Even with a pleat, attention should be paid to the material, as fabric pleated fabrics quickly get wet on damp windows or under a transparent roof. In addition, it may have all the other disadvantages already described above for the awning fabric.

Possibilities of shading from the inside

  • Awnings braced or with articulated arm
  • Plisse braced in tracks
  • Foils as sunscreen

Tips & Tricks

If you want to create a shade through fabric despite the significant disadvantages, then you should impregnate the fabric panels. In camping trade there are good impregnations for spraying on tents. These are well suited to protect the panels in the conservatory.

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