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Shading for the conservatory: installation options for do-it-yourselfers

Conservatory blinds: blinds

Conservatories are really beautiful and even the summer is a really great season, but the combination of large glass surfaces and sunlight can lead to such high temperatures, so that the stay in the conservatory can quickly become unbearable.

Although various ventilation systems provide relief, but consume electricity. Who is with an efficient winter garden shading The sun can stand up even before the air conditioning system has to intervene and consume electricity.

What is important for do-it-yourselfers is, first and foremost, the question which shading options are to be installed on your own. So there are variants that you can quickly install yourself. Others should be considered, if the winter garden is still in the planning phase, because the subsequent upgrade effort would be much too large.

Shading possibilities from inside

Especially for DIY enthusiasts, these solutions for easy self-assembly are certainly the first choice. If you want it easy and easy, you can Venetian blinds and pleats To fall back on. Depending on the manufacturer, these are already equipped with clamping and plug-in devices, which can be easily installed in every winter garden. And even if you have to drill or screw, installation is very easy. Pleats that are attached to guide rails are particularly well suited for sloping skylights.

If you have a winter garden with particularly high ceilings and walls and difficulties with manual operation, you can electrical shading systems for indoor use To fall back on. These can even be coupled to sensors that regulate winter garden shading depending on the amount of sunlight. For the installation of such electrical systems but it needs a little more manual skill and experience.

The shading from the outside

The exterior shading of the winter garden can very classic with awning carried out, which can be operated either manually by crank or electrically. When it comes to blocking as much heat as possible, an external shading should be installed on the conservatory, because in contrast to the shading options from the inside the outer awning already holds off a large part of the sun's rays, even before they hit the glass and the Can heat air inside the garden.

Outdoor awning planned? Please note the following

weather conditions

Is the conservatory located in an area that often has strong gusts or even storms? Then ask for special awnings or fall back on another form of conservatory shading.


Can animals like birds cause soiling or even damage to the awning? Are cases already known from the neighborhood?


Do not extended awnings extend into the neighboring property later?

Shading systems in the windows

The shading of the winter garden over the window spaces is a very luxurious option. First of all, they are completely clean-free, as they are in the closed area between the panes. They do not disturb from inside, as for example with high plants, which disturb the lowering of the blinds with their branches and leaves quickly. In contrast to external sun protection devices, these are completely protected against all weather conditions.

However, if a shading is desired, which works on the window inside, so Should this be planned before the construction of the winter garden. Because just double glazing can not be retrofitted with blinds due to the tightness. Only a complete exchange of windows helps. And whether this can be guaranteed in the context of a normal home improvement is questionable, since a conservatory has large window elements that can hardly be moved without crane-like aids.

Sun protection film

For the do-it-yourselfer, gluing on foils should not be a big challenge, but they still have their advantages. Sunscreen films can reduce heat buildup through the glass by up to 80 percent and also contribute to UV protection. In addition, they can release the view from the inside out unhindered, while they give off by Verspiegelungen to the outside a good privacy. Who one Permanent shading of his conservatory strives for and on top of that still looking for a simple installation, is well advised with the sunscreen. However, it is questionable whether a permanent blockage of the sun's rays is desired. Because in the cold winter months every ounce of warmth could be a blessing.

Conservatory shading: The most important points at a glance

Shading from inside:

  • safe from wind and weather
  • easy to install
  • Disadvantage: air can still heat up

Shading from the outside:

  • holds off sunbeams successfully
  • Disadvantage: damage due to corrosion and weather influences possible

Shading systems in the windows:

  • absolutely free from contamination
  • Unassailable for wind and weather very space-saving
  • Disadvantages: Expensive and hard to retrofit

Sun protection:

  • quick and easy to install
  • considerably space-saving
  • good to very good UV filtering
  • Disadvantage: Prevents the sun from getting in the sun all year round

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