Conservatory - the shading makes it comfortable

If you own a nice new winter garden, you can also use the conservatory as living space. Therefore, a practical and easy-to-use shading from the inside or outside for the conservatory is part of the basic equipment.

Conservatory shading from inside or outside?

First of all, when deciding on shading for the new conservatory, it is necessary to decide whether the conservatory shading should be installed on the roof inside or outside. Both variants certainly have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Create shadows from the inside

Often it is not sufficient if a conservatory is lightly shaded only from the inside. These shade dispensers are usually designed with large strained fabric panels. But this substance can spit quickly in wet months and mildew.

This not only looks dirty and unkempt, it also smells musty. In addition, the heat still enters the room, which the plants for the conservatory often quit with withered leaves. At the same time they need significantly more water, which then evaporates again and makes the conservatory additionally humid and musty.

Install outside shading on the conservatory

The shading from the outside has the advantage that the heat can not get into the interior of the glass house. This also makes ventilation easier for the conservatory.

Here, however, the disadvantage is that a conservatory shading from the outside is often much more expensive. Also, it is slightly harder to install than the shading methods that are grown from the inside. Most variants can be controlled automatically and are very comfortable once they are installed.

Shading possibilities soon

  • Venetian blinds horizontally on the glass roof
  • Awnings over the conservatory
  • Canvas strained outside
  • Pleated horizontally inside
  • Foils for sticking in from inside
  • Awnings inside in the conservatory
  • Torn fabric inside

Cost of a shading of the conservatory

The range of costs for shading a winter garden ranges from a few euros for some guy ropes and fabric panels to very high prices for automatic shading systems that run from the outside across the conservatory.

These automatic systems can not only be timed, but can even move on their own, depending on the intensity of the sun's rays over the glass surfaces. An automatic ventilation system for the winter garden can also be integrated.

Tips & Tricks

You can do a winter garden shading from the inside yourself. Various tinted or patterned foils are available at the hardware stores. Some of them are even easily removable and can be used again and again. This has the advantage that in winter, when in the beautiful glass space more light and heat is desired, the complete light yield can retract. In addition, nothing molds and sparks nothing in the plastic films.

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