Conservatory with lots of glass - what does it cost?

In contrast to the double-skin slab or a closed roof, a glass roof with a significantly higher cost strikes the budget of the winter garden. Likewise, in the windows insulating glass increases the construction costs. However, part of the costs will be saved again.

Glasshouse in noble form

Here we have put together an example in which the glass of the winter garden is of primary importance. This conservatory is ideal if it is not possible to grow on the south or west side of the house.

As an example we build a conservatory made of slender aluminum profiles with a high pitched roof, which is completely glazed. Thus, even in a north-facing conservatory, the full yield of possible sunlight arrives.


Since we have oriented our example to the north, we refrain from the noble heating glass, although it is basically in this winter garden is mainly about glass. If you do not want to do without the heating glass, you should plan in addition about 5,600 euros, which he can only partially save on the cost of other glazing.

The building owner should keep in mind the slightly higher heating costs that are caused, especially if the conservatory is in a rather unfavorable position.

Cost overviewprice
1st floor plate1,100 EUR
2nd conservatory with aluminum profiles12,000 EUR
3rd surcharge safety glass roof7,600 EUR
4. Surcharge iso-glazing windows and doors5,500 EUR
5. Flooring ceramic tiles1,300 EUR
6. Plastic cladding for profiles600 EUR
7. Heating connection600 EUR
total28,700 euros

Tips & Tricks

Even if the price for this otherwise simple winter garden may seem high, you can save some of the costs for the heating system for your conservatory over the years. This is mainly due to the high-quality insulating glass.

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