Winter service: costs for the clearing of areas

Every homeowner must fulfill his eviction obligation in winter, otherwise he assumes a high liability risk. The winter service helps with snow clearing and spreading on sidewalks, courtyards, driveways, parking lots and driveways. What costs are incurred for this service?

Winter service: what are the costs?

Many winter services offer a price per square meter for their work, these are regionally very different. Calculate in the rural area with a price of about 1 to 3.50 EUR per square meter. There are also various additional costs.

Most winter services take a flat rate per month, which is approximately between 20 and 60 EUR. The package usually lasts for five months, from November to March.

The grit used costs the client approximately between 0.20 and 0.50 per square meter. In addition, most winter services require night and holiday surcharges, which often increases costs. These surcharges are approximately between 30 and 50%.

Sometimes winter services also offer a flat rate for the whole winter or for individual months. Because nobody knows exactly what the weather will be like in the winter, there is a risk for both sides.

Winter service costs: Here it is expensive!

In large cities and metropolitan areas, overall, significantly higher prices may be incurred, for a machine clearing requires a winter service in Berlin, for example, 6.50 EUR per square meter.

Also, clearing and spreading hard-to-reach areas, especially when manual work is required, drives up costs. The time required is considerably higher here.

Specific cost example for the winter service

The owner of an apartment building does not rely on his tenants in the winter clearing, but he ordered a winter service. To clear are a footpath, a driveway and a small parking lot.

Parking and driveway can be cleared with the machine - at the footpath manual work is required. The hand clearing of 15 square meters costs 3.50 per square meter, the machine use on 60 square meters is calculated with 2.00 EUR per square meter.

Cost overviewprice
Clear footpath per mission52,50 EUR
Parking and driveway clear per use120 EUR
Stand-by flat rate per month25 EUR
Grit per use22,50 EUR
nightaddition500 EUR
totalfor the winter with 20 inserts 4.525 EUR

Save costs during winter service

A careful price comparison of the various providers is always worthwhile - but also make sure to engage a serious, reliable winter service. Poorly paid workers of a low-cost company are more likely to neglect their job due to lack of motivation.

Tips & Tricks

If you have mainly large areas to clear and live in rural areas, then ask the local farmers for help: they often have heavy clearing equipment and are available for winter maintenance.

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