Winter sports

winter sports

Build sledges, snowboards, skis and snowshoes yourself

Winter sports: manual

When winter announces itself and the first snow falls, not only the children, but also the sports enthusiasts are happy. With the white and cold snowflakes, you can not only build funny snowmen and fight snowball fights, but also perform great sports.

Tobogganing, snowboarding and skiing are probably the best known winter sports. Most of the equipment is used only in the cold season and the rest of the year they are in the corner and dusty.

Sports equipment is usually very expensive and can cost a few hundred euros. For this reason, we have compiled some building instructions, with which you can easily build the winter sports equipment yourself.

Table of contents about winter sports

  • Build sledges
  • Build ski and snowboard
  • Do snowshoes yourself

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Build sledges

Wooden sledge

build by yourself. A step by step guide

snow board

for the fast sled A guide is there

Reindeer sledge made of wood blocks

Illustrated manual for an extraordinary wooden reindeer sled with a template for the sled.
at Craft Goodies

Toboggan with a ski-boots

make yourself. A detailed construction guide
at alpiticus

Aluminiun sled

build by yourself. A guide with pictures
at diy-academy

steering sled

Construction manual for a steering carriage with brake. All work steps, with construction drawing and material list.
at motherearthnews

Sledges made of wooden pallets

Construction manual for a children's sled from old wooden pallets. Construction description with picture. Dimensions in inches.
at motherearthnews

Building instructions slide

a manual with dimensions and a material list
at scouters

runner sled

The standard sled for children with seat
at shopsmithhandson

children sledges

to build. Made of wood and with a secure seat
at thewoodcrafter

Wood sledge [PDF]

to stand. A detailed construction manual
at vintageprojects

Wooden sledge

Fast to sledding fun
at wawerko

Build ski and snowboard


Forum discussion about the construction of a snowbike. Illustrated manual.
at mtb-news

Snow blades

or make short skis yourself. There is a manual
at alpiticus

Create snowboard

A gueue construction manual to make yourself
at Berufskolleg-neandertal

Build a snowboard

a professional step by step guide
at custom-snowboard

Build your own ski

Everything about workmanship, materials and safety
at skibuilders

Do snowshoes yourself

Shoes for lacing

Instructions for lace-up for deep snow.
at inquiry


Make snowshoes yourself, so that you do not sink into the snow

Braided snowshoes

Braiding snowshoes made of young elm wood. - A simple crafting guide

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