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  • Rocker saws are also called firewood saws, as they are mainly used for sawing firewood. In the broadest sense, there are wooden circular saws, the sawing surface (sawing) rocking back and forth.
  • Saw blades for tilting circular saws are usually larger than those for other circular saws. Most saws take 400 to 700 mm wide leaves.
  • There are seesaws with gasoline engines or with electric motors. Both variants are intended for outdoor use.

Seesaw comparison 2018: saws

1. Why a seesaw is better than chopping wood

Seesaw comparison 2018: 2018

On many models, the saw load is pressed against the saw blade with the firewood.

If you have to cut lots of firewood, you will soon no longer see nature romance in classic wood chopping. With a large pile of logs, you just want to deal with it quickly. This is where the firewood saws come into play. These are sometimes called tilting saws or firewood circular saws.

Due to their special construction, the firewood saws with rocker enable particularly fast cutting of large and coarse tree trunks as well as thick branches. The sawing or sawing is a recessed compartment in which the tree trunk is placed and sawn. So the saw load "teeters" towards the saw blade.

In the Sägelade the trunk or block is pushed from one side against the circular saw blade. With a protected handle, the drawer is moved back and forth. The hands always stay out of the danger zone on seesaws, In the case of table saws, on the contrary, the craftsman must come very close to the saw blade.

The fastest chain saw does not fare against the speed of a tilting circular saw. Why a seesaw is cheaper for firewood cutting than, for example, a chain or table saw, you see trimmed in this box:

  • safe sawing
  • fast sawing of large trunks
  • especially thick trunks can be sawn
  • protects against bucking branches
  • Saw blade is in a rigid position
  • not for filigree sawing work

2. Which saw saw types are there?

The rocking firewood saws can be divided into two categories according to their drive: powered by gas or electricity, Before you decide on any seesaw test winner from a seesaw test, you should read our comparison of the two types.

2.1. Rocker saws with gasoline

Like a tractor

PTO saws, like tractors or mowers, have an additional gearbox connected to their main drive. Such a drive is called PTO drive. PTO drives are therefore auxiliary drivesthat drive other gears mechanically.

With a PTO not only the saw is driven, but also, for example, a conveyor belt.

Petrol-powered jigsaws offer the unbeatable advantage of being disconnected from the power grid. Especially for foresters and forest workers, this is a clear case for a petrol engine.

The power of the gasoline seesaws is given in horsepower (HP). In our seesaw comparison we have for a better comparability to the electric models, the PS in watts (W) converted.

The disadvantage of gasoline is that they run out of fuel over time and they emit (albeit little) pollutants.

2.2. Rocker saws with electricity

Seesaw comparison 2018: sawing

As far as the cable goes: Electric whipping saws always remain dependent on the power connection.

Although electric-powered seesaws are potentially endless, they are always connected to a power grid. Electric whip saws are therefore more suitable for domestic use. Normally, firewood saws come with normal power connections, as they usually only need a maximum voltage of 230 volts.

There are also models with a voltage of 400 volts, so with a power connection. However, variants with a power connection are unsuitable for the normal userbecause you would need a corresponding connection at the house.

By comparison, most electric models are smaller and lighter than gasoline saws. Those who only crush arm-heavy branches and occasionally firewood will be happy with a compact model. But more about this in our purchase advice.

Here are two types in comparison:

Electric circular sawGasoline Wippsäge

Seesaw comparison 2018: 2018

Seesaw comparison 2018: sawing

no pollutant emissions
runs potentially forever
tied to the electricity grid
usually less powerful
mobile use
usually extremely powerful
emits pollutants
Fuel is limited

3. How to find the best sawsaw

3.1. drive

Seesaw comparison 2018: 2018

Petrol engines usually offer more power than electric motors.

Depending on whether you need to work mobile or whether a power connection is available, it decides which drive makes the most sense for you. So when you buy a seesaw, first there is the question of the saw type.

3.2. Performance & Idle

For very large massive tree trunks it takes a wood saw with enormous power. The machine of your choice should then swallow at least 2,000 watts. Rocker saws, which take less than 2,000 watts, are more suitable for thin trees.

Circular saws with high numbers of revolutions at idling (rpm) promise a fast working, because their saw blade is likely to slide rapidly through the wood, However, this speed was measured without saw blade mounted and not when sawing.

The value is therefore more a hint because the idle speed only reflects the potential speed and not the one with which she later cuts through the wood.

3.3. Deep cut

Seesaw comparison 2018: saws

The actual saw width does not always correspond to the whole width of the saw blade.

A lot of horsepower and high speeds do not help you much if the saw blade is too short. A look at the depth of cut is worthwhile with any type of circular saw.

The dimensions of the usable saw blades give a first indication of how large the piece of wood to be cut may be maximum.

However, the table of a seesaw (Sägelade) does not provide the full width of the sheet. So pay attention to the actual depth of cut.

Theoretically, you can also partially sawing and turning tree trunks that are actually too thick for your whip saw. However, then no longer seize any possible safety mechanisms of the saw, if times the block of wood bucks.

3.4. Saw blade diameter

Seesaw comparison 2018: seesaw

The first digit usually indicates the inside diameter and the second the outside diameter.

The size of the insertable saw blade should generally be given in terms of the inside diameter and the outside diameter in millimeters, e.g. so:

  • CV saw blade 30 x 700 mm

CV stands for the steel type chrome-vanadium. 30 millimeters is the diameter of the inner hole (inner diameter). The outer diameter - in this case 700 mm - is measured at the widest point from tip to tip of the respective opposite saw teeth on the blade.

The inner hole of the saw blade must fit on the so-called tool holder of the saw, 700 millimeters indicate here the outer diameter, thus how big the sheet is altogether.

Perfect fit: The inner diameter of new saw blades must be exactly the same as that of the jig saw, otherwise it can not be mounted.

The outer diameter can theoretically be smaller. However, it must not be larger, otherwise the saw blade does not fit in the Sägelade.

3.5. Saw extensively

Seesaw comparison 2018: seesaw

Some rocker saws, such as those with electric motor, can be folded to save space.

Since you probably do not shred firewood with your whipping circular saw every day, it is convenient if it is easy to stow away. If the saw is to hibernate in the shed, then it must not be wider than the opening of the door.

The seesaw also has a small chassis, so wheels on the support legs, then it can be as easy as pushing a wheelbarrow. If your sawmill changes frequently when working, a suspension is optimal.

4. Nice to have: conveyor belts and cone splitters

Rocker saw with conveyor belt

Not really a must is an additional conveyor belt. Who wants to literally literally cut firewood on the conveyor belt, will find his best friend in a conveyor belt. This will catch every log immediately and transported in a basket or container.

Seesaw comparison 2018: 2018

Rocker saw with cone splitter

So that the wood blocks also fit into the stoves, they are divided into wedges. Typically, firewood is split with an ax, But this activity is now machine. Either you use it for a so-called firewood splitter or you buy the same a seesaw with integrated Kegelspalter.

In the following video you will see a seesaw with a built-in cone splitter:

5. Store a lot of wood in front of the hut

Seesaw comparison 2018: sawing

Firewood must be stored dry for about two to three years.

If you saw a lot, you will also accumulate a lot of firewood that you want to burn. Keep in mind that fresh wood needs to be stored for about two to three years until it is finally dry. For storage, a tool shed or garden closet offers, There the wood gets enough air and is protected from rain.

Stiftung Warentest recommends that only dry and unpainted wood be used for heating.

6. Frequently asked questions about seesaw

6.1. What is a seesaw?

Rocker saws are wooden circular saws especially for firewood crushing, They are characterized by a rocking saw surface. The piece of wood is pushed through the sawing surface (sawing load) towards the saw blade. The saw then slides from the side through the log.

At the end of the sawing the felled piece of wood falls down and the tree trunk can be pushed further through the sawing.

6.2. How much is a seesaw?

Seesaw comparison 2018: comparison

From the rocker saw Güde GWS 700 HM, for example, there are also "smaller brothers" for 100 to 200 euros less.

Cheap rocker saws are already available from 200 euros in online shops and DIY stores such as Bauhaus, Hornbach or OBI. Popular models such as Güde seesaws or Posch saws occasionally cost more than 400 euros.

The brands of However, manufacturers are not always set to a price range, So Güde has models for 200 and 400 euros in the range. If that's too expensive, you have the option to rent a second-hand saw in some DIY stores.

6.3. What distinguishes a good seesaw?

The sawing force is one of the most important criteria for saws. This force is usually determined by the wattage, The wattage does not indicate the actual power, but is a good indication of how strong the engine of the tilting circular saw is.

PS and watts: You do not always have an electric whip saw in front of you. For petrol engines, the power is given in horsepower. No matter if PS or Watt: the more, the better.

6.4. What kind of cable is on a seesaw: heavy current or normal?

Most electric rocker saws have a motor that works with 230 volts. These models use a conventional power cablethat fits a normal household outlet. Gasoline saws logically have no cable.

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