Decorate a wire basket in an attractive and creative way

Metal bars, slings and ribbons form a wire basket in a wide variety of designs and shapes. It can be used for storage, pure decoration or as a transport container. Especially in the outdoor area, creative decoration sets attractive visual accents. Arrangements with plants create additional small green oases.

Brought or new

The beauty of wire baskets is their versatility. Both old utility baskets from the bicycle or former shopping aids can be given a new lease of life by decorating as well as forming new or self-made constructions. Wanted second-hand chic even allows to use and maintain corrosion, rust and patina as targeted effects.

Smaller flower and plant pots find in the wire basket the attachment and stability they need on the balcony, terrace or in the garden. Herbs and perennials entwine, if desired, through the basket weave. They protectively combine content and environment to create an organic image.


As loose fillers that can be used in decorating a wire basket, many remains and fragments that would otherwise find no use. Typical examples are:

  • Boulders made of stone or wood
  • Broken tiles and ceramics
  • Metallic trellis aids such as bars or wire knots
  • Old balls made of leather or plastic
  • Inner rashes with textile remnants such as clothing
  • Internal deflections made of plastic films
  • "Cracked" plastic films
  • Shapely empty bottles and jugs

In order to protect possibly rounded or very freestanding wire baskets against falling over or falling down, weighting on the bottom of the basket helps as stones. Wire staples that are driven into the ground or the ground, fulfill this purpose as well.

Exceptional effects

Exciting effects can be created by wires drawn crosswise inside the basket. Colored, for example, dyed in white, cobwebs can be imitated, in the middle of a discarded plastic animal like a duck is placed as a spider.

A flare or an LED spotlight serves as interior lighting not only the illumination of the basket contents. Outward light beams throw the grid pattern of the wire basket into the environment and create exciting shadow play.

A head-wound wire basket can serve as a "cage" for a former toy animal or as a "garage" for a discarded toy excavator.

Tips & Tricks

If you occasionally get visits to small animals such as rodents in the garden, you can use inverted wire baskets to protect small and vegetable plants placed in the ground.

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