Make a wire basket from prefabricated grids yourself

The range of wire baskets ranges from the shopping basket for the weekly market to heavy wire mesh for gabions in the garden. A portable wire basket can be done well with the help of rabbit wire. For more durable constructions offer Zaundrahtgitter. Fasteners and connections are either bent or soldered.

basic construction

Flat wire mesh wire mesh is available in construction and animal markets and at gardening and landscaping companies. The wire thicknesses range from millimeter thicknesses to cross sections over one centimeter. Thin wire meshes can easily be bent and shaped by hand. For strong fence wires pliers must be used.

An indispensable tool is a side cutter, with which the wire can be adjusted at any position with "click-through". In general, in almost every basket construction, an upper connecting wire stabilizes the opening. Mostly a slightly stronger wire than the grid is recommended.

Trim with fence wire mesh

A rectangular wire basket is created from a wire mesh trimmed in four wings. After fixing the base or base area, rectangular pieces of wire are cut off diagonally at four corners. The length from the outer edge to the bottom approach gives the later height of the wire basket.

When disassembling the position of the bars or the gaps should be observed at the resulting cut edges. In order to enable a later right-angled entanglement and connectivity, the vertical webs should be on both sides at least two inches away from the protruding horizontal webs and survive.

The four resulting wings are bent at right angles at the edges to the bottom surface upwards. At the four vertical corners, the respective webs now project in two directions. They can be folded over each other with pliers. Subsequently, they are spirally "screwed" with rotating movements. Any remaining protruding wire tips are "snapped".

Roundings with rabbit wire

The manufacturing principle for shopping baskets is the same. Instead of right-angled shapes, simply curved wire curves are easy to implement. The instability of the grid calls for a ring-shaped braided upper retaining wire. He should have sufficient inherent stability (at least 0.6 millimeters). On him also a later carrying handle can be hung.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to produce round basket shapes, household items will help as molding aids. Buckets or bowls provide good squeezing aids to turn the wire into the desired shape.

Video Board: How to Make DIY Wire Mesh Baskets of Any Size!